The Daily Krapht – Megan Michelle – “Morse Code” (Produced by LUUUL)

The Daily Krapht – Megan Michelle – “Morse Code” (Produced by LUUUL)

Megan Michelle1I’ve been covering Megan Michelle (aka Megan Fabry) for some time now. The first time I heard her was back in 2012 while working for another site. Over these past few years, she has re-invented herself several times. Back in 2012, it was her, a guitar and that sexy breathless voice. Her song “Surprise” was a lo-fi heartbreaker.

Later, we covered her song “Lonely Hunter”, which had a much larger feel. The big band James Bond/Big Band sound combined with her vocals to create a completely different image. However, the theme was still the same. Megan does not back away from her emotions on either track. These are windows into her soul.

Ms. Fabry has re-invented herself again in collaborating with Belgian producer LUUUL. “Morse Code” is filled with chillwave/dreampop goodness. Yet, our heroine is singing of the same pain.

Even though you play hot cold
I know you’re feeling it
Even though I’m taking it slow
I know I’m into this

Back and forth back and forth runnin round in my mind
Stop and go stop and go, is he wastin’ my time?

No fighting this I’m alone I’m swiping right again
It’s hit or miss on my own cause he’s not just into it

The song will bounce around your skull for a while, and the melody is something you’ll find yourself humming while driving to work a week from now. We can only hope that with all that Megan is involved in (humanitarian, clothing designer, writer, singer), she will start to release tracks a little more often…and that she finds happiness in bringing us into her life.

Artist Name: Megan Michelle
Location: Tucson, AZ
Genre: Chillwave, Dreampop, Electronic
Members: Meg Fabry
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