The Daily Krapht – Jay Woodward – “Howl”

The Daily Krapht – Jay Woodward – “Howl”

Jay Woodward1The world of music can be overwhelming sometimes. The senses are constantly bombarded with videos for a million genres at once it would seem. Even when one does focus on a video for a specific song, you can often times get a feeling of mixed messages or even have your opinion of a song changed based on the video to accompany the song.  It’s very few and far between that you find a video with such a based yet artistic creativity to it which accompanies the song perfectly in a sense that one doesn’t pull away from the other.

This is the exact case portrayed by the Jay Woodward music video for the single “Howl”.  Using the obvious imaging of wolves and coyotes that one thinks of when they hear the word howl, accompanied by other imagery including backwoods and sunsets, it’s a beautiful calm yet somehow haunting video.

In order to appreciate the piece as a whole, first the song must be considered. A mellow and oddly soft, acoustic guitar sound, accompanied by the soft voice of Woodward, makes for a very indie-folk sound. Play over that a dully filtered compilation of outdoor images, and it creates an artistic mystery. Credit certainly needs to be given to Leslie Chou, who created the video, which without it, the piece as a whole would just feel like it was missing something.

So regardless if you want to see this video because you are a fan of the song or rather just want to see what the vision behind the song is, it’s certainly not a waste of time.

Jay Woodward “Howl” (Official Music Video) from Jay Woodward on Vimeo.

Artist Name: Jay Woodward
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Genre: acoustic, indie, folk, ambient
Members: Jay Woodward