The Foghorn Stringband – Devil in the Seat

The Foghorn Stringband – Devil in the Seat

Foghorn StringbandSick of turning on a country station and hearing qualities of pop and rock added in? What ever happened to the soul soothing, relaxing country music that once was? Well thank goodness for The Foghorn Stringband, who has allowed old school country fans the opportunity to enjoy music from days past.

As the name portrays, this band brings forth a music which allows you to hear the instruments as well as a recording style, which makes a listener feel like they have found a long lost record. Needless to say this isn’t your modern day, radio play country.

With fiddles, banjos, soul-soothing songcrafting and of course lyrics which make you feel like coming home, this album is truly a beautiful mix of classic country and fun square dancing tunes.  Unlike other albums where it tends to fly all over the place, Devil in the Seat has a beautiful steadiness about it, which allows you to enjoy continuously the entire 15 tracks through without interruption.

Songs such as “Leland’s Waltz” hold more than just country elegance and through in a taste of almost irish jig into the mix, which somehow still doesn’t change the mood even when it’s followed by “90 Miles an Hour”, which  picks up in tempo.

So if you can’t make it to a square dance, or out into the sticks but crave to have a taste of an older and much more toe-tapping, fast dancing time, dive into this album with both feet and your best boots, you wont regret it.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars





Album Name: Devil In The Seat
Release Date: March, 2015
Genre: Country, Acoustic, Americana
Location: Portland, OR
Members: Caleb Klauder, Stephen “Sammy” Lind, Reeb Willms & Nadine Landry