Photo by Melissa Olson

WORDKRAPHT EXCLUSIVE: By Light We Loom – The Ignition

Photo by Melissa Olson

Photo by Melissa Olson

Wordkrapht is honored to present our readers with a special “First Listen” of the debut EP The Ignition from the talented husband and wife duo, By Light We Loom. This may be their debut, but after listening through the four-track EP, this husband and wife team sound like they’ve been making music together for years. While By Light We Loom may have formed less than a year ago (in August 2014), they actually led the indie-folk band, Bethesda, for about a decade, so this duo has actually been together long enough to create this veteran sound.

The title track off The Ignition starts off with the keys repeating the same pattern over and over again along with the strums of the guitar and the heartbeat of the track through the percussion. Then Shanna Delaney’s silky smooth vocals enter. If Delaney had a super power, it would be the power to sing in a lower octave one second and then blow the audience away with pitch perfect higher octaves the next second. She glides from one octave to another with such ease that the listener just floats away with her voice. When the chorus of “The Ignition” kicks in, By Light We Loom brings in a beat that hypnotizes the listener into a dancing trance, not able to snap out of it until the track ends.

The next track, “Stand” has a positive vibe right from the start. With another beat that will have the listener moving along to the music, “Stand” is a passion filled song with Delaney conveying each emotion so clearly that the listener can feel the emotions in each note she sings. Delaney’s vocals also have a slight similar trait to the famous Colombian pop singer, Shakira.

“Measure of Us” continues By Light We Loom’s pattern of bringing quick, distinctive beats that get the listeners moving. This track has more of a storytelling aspect with Delaney sharing a story of love and continuing to convey each emotion with her voice.

The final track, “Mason Jars” starts off slow with only the vocals and a few strums of the guitar, but then the duo brings in that beat again, this time with the assistance of shakers to add a new sound to the mix. Eric Ling’s harmonies really shine through on “Mason Jars” with it becoming evident that this husband and wife duo were not only meant to be together in marriage but also to make beautiful music.

Each track on By Light We Loom’s debut EP, The Ignition, has it’s own infectious beat with no song sounding like the other on this four-track EP. The listener will never be bored because the duo brings something different to each track and the entire EP has a special one-of-a-king sound that is hard to obtain. The Ignition is similar to finding that needle in a haystack. By Light We Loom has carefully orchestrated a well-produced masterpiece in order to introduce the world to their uplifting, passion-driven music, and Wordkrapht can bet that this will not be the last time we hear new music from this talented Cleveland-based duo.


WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: The Ignition EP
Release Date: May, 2015
Genre: indie pop
Location: Cleveland, OH
Members: Shanna Delaney and Eric Ling