The Daily Krapht – Dial In – “Underwater”

The Daily Krapht – Dial In – “Underwater”

1919671_835472676504487_9153023355907037972_nShane Wirkes and Daniel Modica are Chicago born and bred. Together, the duo form the group, Dial In. As stated on their Facebook page, the band “combines elements of late 19th century parlor music with soundscapes”. Their brand of electronic music is both “timeless and immediate” (we happen to agree).

“Underwater” is the latest single Dial In has released, and the track is a heart-breaking journey. A tale of a broken family, and the sadness that doesn’t see the light of day; the duo have created a compelling song that shows off their lyrical and story-telling capabilities.

The line “When you’re underwater no one hears you scream” paints quite a picture and the music more than adds to the lyrics. The track feels liquid, flowing like water, while the manipulation of blips and electronic ambiance added in the background is akin to the sound of air bubbles. The song immerses the listener “underwater” giving us all a chance to feel what the characters in the song are feeling. Take a listen below and see what you think, don’t be afraid to press repeat.

Connect with the band on their social media pages and stay tuned for more music, show dates and more.

Artist Name: Dial In
Location: Chicago, IL
Genre: Electronic
Members: Shane Wirkes, Daniel Modica