Catching Up With Cedar Boulevard

Catching Up With Cedar Boulevard

10703629_1469354933337636_8833680735062980605_nIn November of last year, we featured Cedar Boulevard on our site. Their self-titled debut EP was only released in September, but contained a lot of potential and promise for a band that had only been together for less than a year. The band quickly gained momentum and after finding new representation they reached out to us, asking if we would cover the release of their re-mastered EP. We jumped at the chance to ask the boys a few questions, and see what it is that makes them tick. Take a moment to acquaint (or reacquaint) yourself with these post-hardcore boys by reading the interview below:

First things first, welcome to our little corner of the indie universe! Introduce yourselves to the readers and give us a little history on Cedar Boulevard.

CB: The band was started back in Australia by Kris and myself (Luke). We never managed to have much luck getting the band off the ground back home, just never found people with right dedication. So we picked things up and relocated to Toronto, Canada. From there we found our drummer David and then we’ve been down in Los Angeles writing and working hard, which is where our other guitarist C.J is from. We recorded our EP last year and released it on February 17th of this year. It’s a mix of punk, post-hardcore and metal. Trying to craft our own sound and bring all our influences together.

You recently switched management which has opened up some doors for the band.  Walk us through the process of seeking management, and how you wound up with who you did. Where there specific qualifications you were looking for? 

CB: We recently started working with our new management company called Smoke and Mirrors, which is great. It means we are now free to focus mostly on the music side of things, knowing that the behind the scenes stuff is being taken care of. I don’t think we were looking for specific qualifications, just people who understood the industry and how it works and were easy for us to work with, which is exactly what we got.

Along with new representation, you’ve also re mastered your self-titled debut EP correct?

CB: Yes, we remastered our self-titled EP with Kris Crummett (Sleeping With Sirens, Issues, Alesana). He really boosted the overall feel of the album and gave it new life so we could re-release it and keep pushing ourselves as a band.

Rumor has it you guys are also working on new music as we speak? How is the process different this time around (if it is at all)?

CB: We are definitely working on new music, and always have an idea or two going on. However, recently our main focal point has been on writing new material so that we can hit the studio again and put out some new recordings. I think as we write more as a band and as individuals we are really getting to the heart of our sound and making some really cool music that we can’t wait for people to hear. This time round though we are planning to release a single or maybe two before the release comes out, to start getting everyone excited.

What will the rest of 2015 bring Cedar Boulevard and the fans who follow?

Right now 2015 looks to be a big building year for us as we make new music behind the scenes as well as trying to get as many gigs in as we can. We really want to hit the road as soon as we can to try and see as many fans as we can. That’s our big priority for this year. 

Cedar Boulevard is available now through iTunes, Google Play and just about any other site you can think of to purchase and download music.  If you’re in the area, Cedar Boulevard will be playing at Ampfli in Los Angeles on April 10th. Don’t forget to connect with the band on any and all social media sites, all of which can be found at the bottom of the page.

Album Name: Cedar Boulevard
Date Released: September, 2014 (Remastered EP release date February 17th, 2015)
Genre: Rock, Post Hardcore
Location: Los Angeles, Toronto, Perth
Members: Kris Ahlquist – Bass, Julian Comeau – Vocals, David Mari – Drums, Luke Sharp – Guitar