The Daily Krapht – Laura Michelle – “Old News”

The Daily Krapht – Laura Michelle – “Old News”

DSC8073As if relationships aren’t hard enough, try being the girl on the side. This is the taboo topic, which constantly hits hard in the new single by Laura Michelle called “Old News”.

Looking solely at the lyrical content of this song, it’s one that anyone who has been the “other woman” can relate with; the begging, hopeful expression of a longing which never seems fulfilled.  Now though the topic is one which causes controversy in a dinner time conversation, the way that Laura Michelle composes this entire song lightens it with a beautiful combination of a soulful/r&b/pop voice and the assistance of a well thrown together beat.

From the first time you hear the song the beat not only gets stuck in your head but subconsciously sticks to your memory so that once you hear the beat again you can near instantly identify that this song is playing.  “Old News” is one of those songs which can certainly appeal to not only people who associate well with the content but even those beat junkies who enjoy tuning out the lyrics and just sway to the sounds.

Lyrics and rhythm aside though Michelle’s voice alone has a quality to it which, like the song itself, is near trade mark and once heard is easily identifiable.

So, looking for a song you can associate with your feelings of want, lust or heartache? Looking for groove out? Or simply just looking to hear something that’s surprisingly different? You may want to listen and give your soul a bit of a “ heartfelt “ expression.

Artist Name: Laura Michelle
Location: Atlanta, GA
Genre: R&B