Indie-Funded- Live In Color SXSW Showcase

Indie-Funded- Live In Color SXSW Showcase

The Color AgentIndie-Funded has seen an abundance of crowd-sourcing campaigns come and go, and most have ended with the artist/group/organization reaching their goal. Whether they are working toward creating a new album, raising money for a tour or trying to put together a festival, we have been honored to play a role in their story, even if it’s for a short moment. Today is no different. This next Indie-Funded campaign  carries a bit more weight to it, and I feel privileged to have had the chance to speak with two people who are trying to make this world a better place through music.

We know all too well how restricting and controlling labels can be. Controlling an artist’s image, their music and message can be daunting and kill their spirit. However, it is much worse when an artist has to hide or pretend to be someone they aren’t because of their orientation.  In a perfect world, artists would be able to create the music they want, however they want and the world would judge based solely on talent and nothing else. We have made big strides as a society, however we still have a long way to go. For this reason, Taye Taylor and Candias Henderson have formed The Color Agent, an agency specifically for LGBT artists.

From promotions, to talent scouting, and artist development Taylor and Henderson are putting their many years of experience in the music industry to good use. The duo are trying to break down those last walls that are still put up so orientation won’t affect a person’s success in the music business. They have some terrific artists on their roster and they were recently approached by SXSW! SXSW invited The Color Agent to put on a showcase. This showcase would be the first of its kind, and guess what? They need our help! Together we can help make history happen. I had the supreme honor of asking the ladies behind The Color Agent a few questions about their go-fund-me campaign, and they told us in great detail how they are choosing “talent over orientation” and hopefully the rest of the world will soon follow suit. Please take a moment to read the interview, watch the video and most importantly donate! The campaign ends March 14th, so time is of the essence.

First let me welcome you to our little corner of the World! Please introduce yourselves and tell us all about The Color Agent and why you started the company.

Hi my name is Taye Taylor and I am the co-founder of The Color Agent.

Hi my name is Candias Henderson and I am the co-founder of The Color Agent. The Color Agent promotes LGBT artist that transcend orientation with exceptional talent. The Color Agent was built to destroy homophobia in all aspects of entertainment by protecting the authenticity of an artist while seeking out mainstream opportunities. Hence the motto talent over orientation. We are not just choosing talents based off of the notion that they are open but the fact that they are talented. Too many artists are asked to conform to the industry standards of what “normal” is to drive revenue, which in turn limits the artistry and pureness of what makes that talent great. We believe that true artistry only exist in the ability to be yourself and our company helps protect that.

The Live in Color Showcase is going to be a first for SXSW, and you guys are making history! Tell us exactly what the showcase is all about and what the gofundme campaign is going to help fund.

TCA: The Live in Color showcase is a celebration of being yourself though music. We have pulled together an eclectic group of artists to showcase all new music from artist that have had major music careers but not as who they truly were, in addition, we have  new artist who are ready to show the world who they are through their amazing new music!

 TCA: The funds raised will help: Solidify some special guest appearances.

Film the journey and showcase in order to share this moment with the community worldwide.

Provide staging equipment for all participating talent.

Pay for travel and lodging for all participating staff and volunteers.

Marketing and promotional materials to spread the word and ignite a viral conversation in regards to LGBT talent worldwide and unify the community through a power music platform.

Are any of the artists on The Color Agent roster going to make an appearance or perform?

TCA: We are so excited to say, yes. Two of our djs will be performing, DJ HerShe and DJ Cwade. Also we are excited to announce that Amanda Perez will be joining the line up as well. We recently signed her to The Color Agent to reintroduce her new look and new music to her worldwide fan base independently after a small break from the mainstream.

If (and when) Live in Color becomes a HUGE success is there a chance the showcase would be a staple at future SXSW shows?

TCA: Yes, this is why we must make the first a HUGE success.

Everybody loves perks! What are some of the perks you are offering for potential funders?

TCA: We have a wide range of perks.

-Autographed Poster

-Exclusive Concert Shirt

-Behind the scenes footage

-Promo Credit

-Chance to submit talent

-Vip Pass

AND more!!

In the video you mentioned how you’ve worked with several artists and you’ve worked as a manager and have seen the struggle for artists to be completely creative and free. What advice can you give to those artists who struggle because of their orientation?

TCA: My advice would be that music is a universal language that everyone can identify with. Being out doesn’t matter as long as you make great music and you’re true to yourself.

Any last words you want to leave for the readers of Wordkrapht?

TCA: The change starts here. History shows that music can affect change. Everyone should have the opportunity to showcase their talents on a mainstream platform. Diversity is what makes the world great. Your donation could help make that happen at SXSW. This is only the beginning. Thanks so much.

Once again, the campaign runs until March 14th. Check the links at the bottom to donate, and also take a moment and show The Color Agent some love on their social media pages.

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