Snowapple – Illusion

Snowapple – Illusion

SnowappleSnowapple now has the honor of being featured on Wordkrapht for the third time as of today. For those who are hearing the name for the first time, let us take a moment to introduce you.

Snowapple is the cultivation of three talented ladies with an extensive and impressive backgrounds in music, education, and modeling. First up there is Laurien, international opera singer and post-grad Physics at The University of Amsterdam just to scratch the surface. Next there is Una. Una is a jazz singer who has worked with many bands across the Netherlands and France. Laura is a singer, composer and conductor. With their powers combined they are Snowapple; the music equivalent to Charlie’s Angels.

The trio released their second album, Illusion today. The overall consensus on the album will ultimately be these ladies know how to sing. They sound angelic alone and together their harmonies are on another level. At times throughout the album their three voices merge together so wonderfully you almost forget you’re listening to more than one person singing. Of the album, Snowapple had the following to say about it:

“The voices and hypnotic sounds should transport you to another world, a dream woven of illusions. That’s the idea behind Illusion, the longing to abandon reality for a brief moment.”

From hints of gypsy elements to operatic theatrics Illusion is an enchanting journey that begs to be played from beginning to end all in one sitting. While the opening two tracks, “Small Stone” and “California” are more of the straightforward folksy singer-songwriter variety it’s the rest of the album that really shows the trio’s flair for all things experimental. No two songs sound alike on Illusion yet the whimsy that can be heard in every song binds these tracks together to create an album worth listening to. From the album’s title track with its somber yet dramatic sweeping instrumentals to “Plato’s Prank”; a track that is so playful it’ll make you think you’re at a carnival (or better yet a renaissance festival) to every emotion they manage to evoke in between, Illusion was a labor of love and pure creativity. There’s no chance this album can simply play quietly in the background of any room or car. It demands the full attention of whoever is listening from the first notes played and sung until the very last breath.

To celebrate and promote the release of Illusion, Snowapple will be hitting the road with a quick UK tour starting February 6th to the 15th. A worldwide tour is also planned with dates to be announced, so be sure to check in with Snowapple for updates.

Illusion is available now, check links at the bottom to see where you can find it in your area.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 stars!




Album Name: Illusion
Release Date: February, 2015
Location: Amsterdam, Netherlands
Genre: Folk, Pop
Members: Laurien, Una, Laura