Vincent Colbert – Stranger In My House

Vincent Colbert – Stranger In My House

Vincent ColbertIn the last few months, Ann Arbor-based singer/songwriter, Vincent Colbert, has become a constant with two Daily Krapht features for his singles, “Baseline” and “Rose Yellow Moon” – both singles from his highly anticipated debut EP, Stranger In My House. Once you take a listen, you’ll understand why we at Wordkrapht continually promote Colbert’s music.

The Stranger In My House EP is a piece of work that has Colbert baring his soul and using his music as a way of coping with a mix of emotions including sadness, loneliness, and hope. After moving to Michigan, Colbert found himself alone without any friends or connections, so he decided to write about what it felt like to be a stranger in his own home.

The EP starts off with “Baseline,” a song about starting over and making it through the hard times. Colbert sings with a romantic quality along with his tender, soft vocals which follow a distinctive beat throughout the song. Another song that was previously featured, “Rose Yellow Moon,” was written when Colbert participated in a songwriter game in which he had to take a random phrase and write a song around that phrase. It’s apparent that this track was written based on the personal experience Colbert faced when moving to Michigan area.

Colbert’s romantic nature takes over in “As You Are” in a song where he professes his love with words like “I will love you as you are” and “I will find you near or far.” The recording is so raw that you can hear the sound of Colbert’s fingers sliding from chord to chord on his acoustic guitar as he plays along side the sound of the piano in this beautiful love song.

The title track, “Stranger In My House” has Colbert tackling the topic of loneliness in the first two minutes, but around that two minute mark, an instrumental section has the music slowly beginning to become louder and takes on a powerful, stronger element. It’s at this point in the song that Colbert sings the lyric “I’m not throwing in the towel, just living in the shadow of my doubt, I will search on.” The song reaches a level of hope as Colbert sings, “I’ll try to find the light. I will fight until I die.”

Vincent Colbert has brought us an EP that is filled with a raw sound to go along with a sense of vulnerability that follows Colbert with each word he sings. He has nothing to hide and he’s not afraid to let the listeners learn of his pain and loneliness he felt during this dark period in his life because somewhere out there someone else is dealing with similar emotions and Colbert’s music just may help that certain person get through that dark period, too. That’s one of the powers of music. While songs may have a sense of sadness, those same songs help heal, as well. So, go ahead and take in the beautiful, tender stylings of Vincent Colbert on his debut EP, Stranger In My House.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: Stranger In My House
Release Date: January, 2015
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Genre: indie folk, Americana, singer/songwriter