Laura Cole – Dirty Cheat

Laura Cole – Dirty Cheat

a1010179607_10Listening to a musician like Laura Cole is evidence that our job as writers at Wordkrapht does not suck one bit. The Ontario-based Cole’s genre is described on her Facebook page as “old Jazz and Blues with a new age twist” and that pinpoints her perfectly. This lovely lady is exploding with sassiness and sex appeal. The fellas want to get with her and the ladies wish they had even half of the talent and sass as the one and only Laura Cole.

On her debut full length album, Dirty Cheat, not only does the music present a similar sound of the 60s, but Cole’s vocals have listeners expecting to see a woman who may have been alive in that same decade. That is far from the truth, as Cole is clearly a young lady with an old soul and she incorporates that into her music as she mixes an old school style with her own unique, refreshing sound.

The album starts out with songs like “Sweet Escape” where Cole accentuates sexiness in a song about having a friend with benefits. It’s clear that she’s not looking for something serious and is just looking to have fun in this first track. It’s apparent with the first sound of Cole’s voice that the late Amy Winehouse has a significant influence of her vocals. “Darlin’ SweetHeart” is another catchy tune with that popular double beat that was predominant in many songs back in the day.

“On My Own” is a bass driven track with a fresh, new sound compared to the other songs on Dirty Cheat. Funky distorted riffs from the electric guitar guide Cole throughout the song which helps bring that updated sound as she sings about looking for someone to assist her in getting over her ex, but she realizes she’s on her own.

“Let It Roll” is a sad, emotionally driven song that has Cole exchanging that trademark sass for a more vulnerable side. You feel her pain as she explains how hard it is to let go of the one you loved enough though as Cole sings, “I know that you would never want me back.” “Let It Roll” is an example of how Cole uses the music as a type of therapy to deal with what life throws her way.

The title track brings back that funky guitar sound one last time in this infectious song that carries your body along with the music into a swaying motion to go along with a cool beat. “Dirty Cheat” is a balanced mix of blues and jazz as Cole sings about making sure “that I was someone that you never forgot.” That sexy trait follows her all the way to the end of this album which has the listener begging for an encore (or a cigarette).

Each track on Dirty Cheat has it’s own personality with Cole experimenting with a variety of arrangements and sounds. She has clearly given listeners the gift of song with a ode to music from past decades as well as the addition of her own twist to the music. One thing is certain. You’ll never be bored when listening to a Laura Cole album, which is why it’s only a matter of time before Cole’s fans will be pounding on her door demanding new music. Until then, enjoy the stylings of the super cool debut album, Dirty Cheat.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: Dirty Cheat
Release Date: August, 2014
Location: Ancaster, Ontario
Genre: Old Jazz and Blues with a new age twist
Members: Laura Cole (Lead Vocal), Ron Cole (The Key Master), Steve Bigas (Six Strings), Chris Chiarcos (The Low Notes) and Brian Chiarcos (Keepin’ the Beat)