The Daily Krapht – Vincent Colbert – “Rose Yellow Moon”

The Daily Krapht – Vincent Colbert – “Rose Yellow Moon”

10665192_924012587617181_927299902080080082_nI absolutely love when different elements lend themselves to the creation of a song. A little creativity, mixed with sadness and hope for a brighter tomorrow can equal something beautiful and perfect.

Vincent Colbert, now twice featured artist on Wordkrapht knows what it’s like to be somewhere that you just can’t call home. After his move to Ann Arbor, Colbert felt isolated and alone. He calls this time a “dark” period which gave him a lot of time with his thoughts. Fast forward a little bit, and Colbert joined a game with other songwriters in the Ann Arbor area. The game was called, “The Polar Vortex Game” and the point was to create a song and incorporate in it a phrase given to you. One week the phrase, “Rose Yellow Moon” was given to Colbert and this happens to become the single we are sharing with you today.

“Rose Yellow Moon” is most personal song on his debut EP, an autobiographical snapshot of his somber times. The track was recorded in such a way that it comes off live and raw; you can feel exactly what he is singing about. The music echoes his melancholy while also leaving room for hope. We can’t help but wonder what would happen if the phrase given wasn’t “Rose Yellow Moon”. Surely another song would have been created, equally moving but it seems everything works out for a reason.

Vincent Colbert is quickly becoming a favorite around here and we invite you to take a close look and listen to see why. Colbert’s debut EP, Stranger In My House will be released January 20th.

Artist Name: Vincent Colbert
Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan
Genre: indie folk, Americana, singer/songwriter