The Daily Krapht – The Chairman Dances – “Someday, Some Morning, Sometime”

The Daily Krapht – The Chairman Dances – “Someday, Some Morning, Sometime”

a3964866233_10Do you ever have that moment where you are pulled into a song? Where you smile for no reason at all but just thinking of that special someone? “Someday, Some Morning, Sometime” by The Chairman Dances is a song which makes listeners appreciate their crush, their love or their significant other. With a strong steady beat, a slight whimsical melody which, makes for an almost airy feeling, this songs can be granted an appreciation of the mellow.

If one thinks from the perspective of someone profession their care for another, they can truly appreciate the intricate lyrics which,  bring this song its true power and that warm feeling of which can only be described as euphoria. With lyrics like “ your face is pretty and your eyes shine” how can one not feel in love?

Now not to be confused, this song is a cover of the great the version once sung by Wilco/ Woody Guthrie. The talents of front man Dan Comly, Rich Pena, Ben Rosen, Kevin Walker and Eric Krewson, bring this song to love and give it that little extra bit of emotion, which makes you get a strong case of the feels. Overall a great song for those who want to extend a sense of caring to their significant other in a way which is lyric and not just unspoken.

This single was released this past Tuesday is certainly worth a listen if you are a fan of the original.

Artist Name: The Chairman Dances
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Art Rock, Indie Rock, Alternative
Band Members: Dan Comly, Ben Rosen, Eric Krewson, Rich Pena, Kevin Walker