Cairo Fire – Raucous

Cairo Fire – Raucous

Cairo Fire - RaucousHow about meeting your future bandmates via Craigslist?
That is just what the boys from Charlotte, North Carolina did to serendipitously find themselves. The result was the band Cairo Fire and the highly likeable and musically strong debut EP Raucous.

Comprised of vocalist Will White, a former American Idol hopeful with a solo album under his belt, Bobby Mathews on the drums, twin brothers and producer-musicians Michael Pepe  and Joseph Pepe who effortlessly handle chords and bass respectively, the group released Raucous in July earlier this year. Ever since, they have notched licensing deals and non-stop touring.

Preluding with a 25-second atmospheric “Intro”, the record smoothly moves into its opening single “Backseat” which is a relishing blend of thumping percussion and White’s misty vocals. With the pop nuances of an Adam Lambert single, “Midnight” scores well on the grounds of mainstream popularity.

“Bold & Beautiful” to me is a clear highlight of the EP. The upbeat, recurring keyboard backdrop preceding each chorus and its singular play at the end wonderfully encompasses the rich rock harmony throughout the single. White’s strong vocal also stands out during the anthem-like “We are superior” verse.

The boys infuse a mix of electronica and rock progressions in “I Like It”, before closing off the album with “Need You much” which possibly has the best beginning from all of the tracks.

With their love for rock very evident from the start, the quartet do, time and again, face the danger of sounding very similar on all of their tracks. This is not to take anything away from their obvious talent, but with some minute tweaks (like the abrupt beginnings to the tracks, or the sudden end in some others) they could quite surely create a niche with their already burgeoning fan base.

Keep an eye (and an ear) out for more music from these guys!

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 3 Stars




Album Name: Raucous
Date Released: July, 2014
Genre: pop,rock,electronica
Location: Charlotte, NC
Members: Will White, Michael Pepe, Bobby Mathews, Joseph Pepe