The Sun and the Sea – American Empire

The Sun and the Sea – American Empire

the sun and the sea - american empireDo you like to sit in a musical trance? How about a little bit of a melodic sound with an upbeat kick? Somehow capturing these elements while mixing in a taste of soul warmth, the feeling you get when you see sun after a long, bitter winter.  To experience this sensation you need look no farther than American Empire, the album by band The Sun and the Sea.

Based on the band name alone, one can get a sense of their genre.  Now barring that, American Empire is a beautiful presentation of fast paced freedom, which truly draws you in. Though the tracks do have a fluent sound, which ties it all together, to call them all the same would be an abomination to their talents.

Track to track each song captures a unique message of some kind weather it be that of the track “You” which is more of a captive, heartfelt expression of love and emotion towards another, or that of “Valkyrie” which embodies a much darker message, there is a staple which proudly screams  “This is a the Sun and the Sea song”.

Who do fans thank for this magical music? Well Tim Moore, Max Sauer, and Chris Rhein, are the men behind the music.  With a vocal sound, which could be compared to a young Phil Collins back in the days of Genesis, Rhein adds an extra haunting/ memorable quality to the talents of Sauer and Moore.

The pure diversity of sound that this band brings forth in every track is truly one, which stands alone and sets these three apart from a lot of the mainstream music. It’s a well-put together mix of indie rock and electronic with that beautiful, almost sultry piano coming in to blast the sound like a fine wine with a nice meal.

All in all, a good listen from track 1-12 and 12-1.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars!




Album Name: American Empire
Date Released: July, 2014
Location: St. Louis, MO
Genre: Ambient, Alternative
Band Members: Tim Moore,  Max Sauer, Chris Rhein