The Clarks – Feathers & Bones

The Clarks – Feathers & Bones

The Clarks Feathers and BonesIt may have taken them five years to create, but it was well worth the wait for Clarks fans, as their ninth studio album, Feathers & Bones, is the best material to date. With the help from fans on the fan funded website, Pledge Music, The Clarks were able to deliver an album that stays true to their classic rock ‘n’ roll sound, which is something we could all use a lot more of these days.

The Clarks have continued to grow as artists, even after almost thirty years together as a band. With Feathers & Bones, they have added a country, Nashville influence to their traditional rock sound with the pedal steel and mandolin appearing on most tracks. While writing the album, the members of The Clarks lost loved ones, which is clear in listening to each song. Feathers & Bones is an album full of personal experiences that each member has gone through, which makes their music that much more relatable to their fans, as well.

Avid fans of The Clarks, especially those who follow the band and lead singer, Scott Blasey’s Twitter accounts, will immediately get the impression that “Broken Dove” was written with Blasey’s father in mind. The track takes on the voice of two individuals – one being the person who lost the loved one, and the other being the voice of the lost loved one who is singing words of hope and strength. Don’t be surprised if you shed a tear or two thinking about that someone special in your life that you’ve lost, too.

The Clarks’ children are the main topic on “Take Care of You” which clearly sounds like a father singing to his children with lyrics like,

I did wrong, I know I’ve been hard on ya,
And in return you put me to the test,
And our blood is so much thicker than that water,
All I ever want for you is the best.

“Map of the Stars” is another gem on Feathers & Bones with that classic fun and quick paced Clarks sound that will have fans moving and shaking around to the beat. While songs like “All or Nothing” should come with a warning because the track starts off with a lower volume on not only Blasey’s vocals, but the music itself. Listeners may feel the need to turn up the volume to hear better and then BOOM! The chorus hits you with a blast of rock ‘n’ roll that is bound to melt faces.

“Irene” is a highlight on the album and is the epitome of a storytelling style of songwriting. This ballad is beautiful in a simple way with the pedal steel playing a significant role in the music arrangement. It’s apparent by the tone of the song, that it has a sad undertone and The Clarks will leave the fans so intrigued that they’ll be asking the band for a background to this sad story.

While many of the songs on The Clarks’ latest album, Feathers & Bones, have influences from tales of loss, which has overcome each member’s lives over the last few years, this album is also a gift of healing not only for Scott Blasey, Greg Joseph, Rob James, and Dave Minarik, but for fans of The Clarks. The band continues to deliver music that their listeners can relate to and hold their hand as they get through their own hardships. Although don’t think for a second that this is some sappy album to listen to with a box of tissues. The Clarks also have the power to make you get up and dance, sing along, and leave the stresses of the world behind you while putting a smile on your face.

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WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: Feathers & Bones
Release Date: July, 2014
Location: Pittsburgh, PA
Genre: Rock, Power-Pop
Band Members: Scott Blasey, Rob James, Greg Joseph, and Dave Minarik