Rock The Summer: Shadow Of Whales

Rock The Summer: Shadow Of Whales

Shadow of WhalesShadow Of Whales is a group of friends who recently joined forces to create music, as well as making a few friends along the way. Having been in other bands and each member having experience song-writing, the music that we hear from the newly minted band comes off polished, professional and wonderfully indie-pop rock.

Their self-titled EP is being released August 26th, and if it sounds anything like the single they shared with us, “Forever” we know you are all in for a treat.

Aside from tackling the usual subjects talked about in interviews, I had the chance to ask Shadow of Whales about their collaboration with the non-profit organization HeartSupport as well as choice places to go extreme put-putting. Peep the interview below, and grab the Shadow of Whales EP when it comes out. Summer may be coming to an end, but together we can still rock what’s left of it!

KC: Congratulations on making it into Wordkrapht’s Rock The Summer feature! How did you feel when you found out you were going to be included?

SOW: I’ll be honest, we felt really really good! It always feels really good to get press or when we get noticed by somebody. It is always encouraging to know that there are people out there that want to support us. I hope we can return the favor.

KC: Tell the readers a little bit about Shadow of Whales and how long you’ve been together as a band:

SOW: As of August, Shadow of Whales has been together for one year, so I guess you could say this is kind of like an anniversary feature for us haha.

All of the members of the group were previously working on other music music projects growing up, all throughout high school, and in college but none of them ever panned out because they weren’t a part of a group that all had one vision, one goal, and one dream.

Shadow of Whales came together with a dream and a vision to love and encourage people and create good music that we could listen to for the rest of our lives. We love playing concerts and we love connecting with people.

KC: You have a new EP coming out next week, which I’m sure you’re very excited to share with the world. Walk us through the process of recording and what went into the making of the EP.

SOW: Well as I mentioned before we were all in different music projects growing up and each one of us are songwriters. I imagine it’s kind of like how the Beatles wrote their music, each one of them were songwriters too and that influenced all of the songs that they released in different ways. In our music you’ll hear a lot of that kind of diversity. There are songs that you just want to sing along to like “Dream” or “Forever” and then there are songs that you just want to rock out to like “Pretenders” or “Just A Little” and then there are songs you can jam like “Fall Back” or odd ball songs that are just really different like “Bury the Hatchet”.

KC: With a new record comes a release show. Do you guys have one coming up you want to let the readers know about? For those who can’t make it to a live Shadow of Whales show what can you tell us about live performances?

SOW: We have three EP release party shows:

August 29 at Mohawk in Austin, TX
August 30 at Warehouse Live in Houston, TX
August 31 at Engage Calvary in College Station, TX

Our live concerts feature a lot of audience engagement and a lot of high energy. We try to make each show different, there’s one show that we incorporated glow sticks into our act and others where we featured photo ops and T-shirt giveaways. Something new that we’re trying to do at these EP release parties is a ‘light show’ which we’ve never done before but we are really excited to see how it plays out.

KC: Talk to us about your affiliation with HeartSupport.

SOW: HeartSupport, for a lack of better words, is amazing! They are a nonprofit organization that is dedicated to encouraging and loving people no matter where they are in life, no matter who they are in life, and no matter what they’ve done at any time in their life. We have partnered with them in hopes that we could spread the word about their organization and in hopes that we can team up and encourage more people together and we could separate. They are a huge encouragement to us! We work really closely with their representative Nathaniel Hilpert who happens to be a really close friend of our guitarist Chris.

KC: Lastly, where would one go if they were looking to go extreme putt- putting?

SOW : There’s a lot of people out there that would probably say Main Event or Austin Park N Pizza. However, if you were an avid Putt-Putt golfer, you’re going to want to hit up the Peter Pan Mini Golf in Austin.


Artist Name: Shadow Of Whales
Location: Austin, Texas
Genre: Alternative
Members: Joshua Flores, Caleb Flores, Jeremy Boyum, Chris Fraga, JD Vazquez
HeartSupport Website: