Rock The Summer: Vandevander

Rock The Summer: Vandevander

VandevanderOne of the most frustrating things we face when running features like Rock The Summer and FeminINDIE is going through a lot of not so great submissions before we can hear the truly fantastic ones. One major no-no these bands do is compare themselves to big names, when they have no place doing so. One piece of advice: Don’t compare yourselves to The Beatles if you sound like you’ve just picked up a mic and guitar yesterday. That being said, we were pleasantly surprised and excited when we heard this next band’s music.

After taking a gander on Vandevander’s ReverbNation page you’ll notice one of two things: For the “sounds like” section the bands listed are The White Stripes, ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin and Wolfmother. Another is their music has been featured EVERYWHERE from commercials played during the super bowl, to numerous television shows around the world. These guys from Tulsa, Oklahoma are doing something right. Vandevander is a three piece band that has been together for the better part of five years playing good old fashioned rock. From lead vocalist and the band’s namesake, Matt Vandevander’s vocal’s that will indeed remind you of Wolfmother, to the relentless pounding of the drums by Nathan Price, Vandevander’s music is perfect to get the blood pumping. This is what rock is all about.

I asked the band a little bit about themselves and much like their music, the answers given were straight to the point. Take a peek at the interview below and if you’re ready to rock, check out Vandevander’s music. The band currently has five singles out now as well as a fifteen song album titled The Great State Of Vandevander Trilogy. Let Vandevander rock your summer!

Vandevander: The Curse from Ærican Entertainment on Vimeo.

KC: First let me say congratulations on making it into our Rock The Summer feature! How did you find out about us, and what compelled you to submit your music

V:We submitted via Reverbnation.  Free publicity to new people is always good.

KC: Who is Vandevander and how long has the band been together?

V: Vandevander is a 3 piece fallen spawn of highly loved band The Hero Factor. After years of adoration without motivation from every major record label, the band decided to head home. At a time in professional music where the paint was all dried up, an exhausting indie deal would leave the guys with life decisions.  Guitarist/songwriter Matt Vandevander would use the timing as opportunity to blow off some steam and make some of his own decisions and drag a couple band members with him.  Honest and confident as the day is long, Vandevander is soul meets power with great tones, big beats, growling vocals and warm texture. After diving in immediately to The Midwest and Tulsa, Vandevander released, “the Great State of Emotion”, part 1 of a 15 track EP trilogy in 2007.

KC: One of the first things I noticed when checking out your social media pages, is your music is featured on shows and commercials across the world. Was this always a goal for the band to be featured in TV shows, movies and commercials?

V: Not necessarily.  We are lifetime working musicians, however, and wise moves in the effort of longevity should be considered success.

KC: What’s the biggest piece of advice you could give to other bands who are trying to get their music out there?

V: Balance and intention. You have to work with the goal in mind.  Do not put all of your eggs in one basket. You can control your artistic power.  Live with it from there.

Vandevander : Black Magic Lover from Ærican Entertainment on Vimeo.

KC: Tell us about Tulsa’s local scene:

V: It’s active with the same common problems as any other scene. It’s growing, but it seems to lack anyone on top of the business end.  That worries me.  The music needs that or it will become frustrated.

KC:I love the band’s logo. Who designed it and is there a story behind the creation?

V: Nathan did it. He has a vastly growing portfolio.  Vandevander is Matt’s movement and his last name. The band was hungry, medieval and edgy. It needed its own crest.

KC: What’s the plan for Vandevander for the remainder of the year?

V: Nathan is touring regularly and Eric relocated to pursue standup comedy, but aside from necessary recovery efforts from a house fire and time spent as a new daddy, Matt is preparing new material for digital singles and a new record.


Artist Name: Vandevander
Location: Tulsa, Oklahoma
Genre: Rock N’ Roll
Members: Matt Vandevander (Guitar, Vocals), Eric Arndt (Bass, Vocals),
Nathan Price (Drums)