Rock The Summer – Scarecrowz

Rock The Summer – Scarecrowz

ScarecrowzFrom Ottawa, Canada comes the metal outfit Scarecrowz. This is a band that has existed for 14 years and now has about 9 months with their current lineup. Since 2000 the band has twice been voted as a Top Ten band of Ottawa. Scarecrowz is also now endorsed by Steve Clayton Picks & Accessories USA.

I have never been to that side of Canada, but by all accounts the metal scene is rocking and Scarecrowz is one of the bands leading the way.

Frontman Ger Madden has an infectious growl in his voice that channels vocal greats like Lemmy and Hetfield. The growl is there, always present and always awesome. It gives the music style and attitude that is lacking from most. The voice is combined mostly with straightforward rock licks and grooves. Madden is backed by Kevin Mazurek (Lead Guitar, Vocals), Julian Leblanc (bass Guitar, Vocals) and Marc Villeneuve (Drums, Percussion). They combine to make a sound that is somehow both vintage and fresh at the same time.

Madden and his Scarecrowz gang are here today because of their track, “One For the Road” which comes off of their 2012 album Uprising. This is a song I listened to time and again while I narrowed down the 800+ metal applicants to its current list of exactly 8 submissions. I have listened to the track many times and it has not even started to grow old in my mind. If anything, the opposite is true. The track is but one reflection of the amazing sound and work that these guys have going.

This fall, look for Scarecrowz at the first annual “Freakfest” in Ottawa. This looks to be a rock show for the ages that will melt heads and spread the love of metal. It’s the kind of show I wish there were more of.

As we speak, Madden is in the studio working with Scarecrowz on their next album, which he hopes may be out later this year. He hopes to have the first track available for free download sometime long before that.

Stay up to date on their new album and all things going on with their band via the links below. Go to Reverbnation and check out, “One for the Road” and give it some love. Then give them some love. Then tell them they rock and that Coldiron says thanks for helping Wordkrapht and Reverbnation “Rock the Summer.”

Artist Name: Scarecrowz
Location: Ottawa, Canada
Genre: Metal, Heavy Rock
Members: Ger Madden, Kevin Mazurek, Julian Leblanc, Marc Villeneuve