Rock The Summer – Berdoo

Rock The Summer – Berdoo

BERDOOLEGENDTOURPETEALVAPHOTO2014JC Berdoo is the long-time front man for his band, Berdoo. Having founded the band in 1985, JC has had a rotating cast of musicians filling out his lineup. In talking to JC he estimated he has had over 170 members in his band over the years. That might sound like a lot, but over 30 years sh^^ happens. Many things have changed during that time. The music scene has changed, the industry has changed and the world at large has changed. After almost three decades of doing this one thing has not changed and never will: Berdoo rocks.

Berdoo has so many cool things going on that one story here can hardly reflect all of his awesomeness. I will try to share some of it.

For starters, there is the band. Any band or any artist that can last this long is doing something right. On albums, JC plays all the instruments, does all the recording, everything. As JC told me, he currently resides in Las Vegas, with his current lineup scattered around the country. When they play shows (which is often) the group unites together like Marvel’s Avengers, play the show (fight the fight), then re-disburse back into their normal lives… until it is time to do it all again. This is a formula that works for them (and helps keep the universe safe from evil).

JC Berdoo gets it. He is a rocker, biker, madman of the best sort and an artist. Most of all, he is a creator. He sees things and opportunities where most do not and finds a way to make them work… and to be awesome. This leads to how he got here today. His track, “topshelf” which refers to military code for UFO’s, is an amazing track that he submitted to the “Rock the Summer” contest. JC tells me it was written back in 2005. It’s a song that out-lasted over 800 other applicants to get to this point. It’s also a song with no vocals. Perhaps this is a main reason it stuck with me so much, with my love of ‘instru-metal’ music. In this track, Berdoo shows off the musicianship and guitar skills of someone who has been playing forever (because he has). He shows off progressions, solos and skills that cannot be gained through playing Guitar Hero or the like. These are the kinds of skills that come from decades of practice, which Berdoo has done. He has put in the time, and now boasts the skills commensurate with his efforts. He is awesome.

JC Berdoo is a biker, which explains how he got into working with the primary photographer for the biker show, “Sons of Anarchy” (a show that rocks almost as much as him). Sometime after January 1st of 2015, look for the movie project he is working on.



More importantly, his new album True Blood will be released this September, fittingly on 9-11 (NOT a coincidence). Berdoo is working with Stomping Ground Studios to make this happen. The title track is currently available for streaming on his web site, with more news and tracks to come. In the meantime, listen to “True Blood.” “topshelf” and more on his web site. Check out more from Berdoo below.

Coldiron thanks Berdoo and his boys for helping us here at wordkrapht and reverbnation to “Rock the Summer.”

Artist Name: Berdoo
Location: San Bernadino, CA
Genre: Heavy Rock, Metal
Members: JC Berdoo, Mike Smith, Al Leises