Mark Whitaker – Nowhere to Land

Mark Whitaker – Nowhere to Land

Mark WhitakerNo bells. No whistles. There’s nothing fancy or overproduced about banjoist, Mark Whitaker. The Boston-based singer/songwriter has worked with an acoustic instrumental band in the past as well as played in a modern bluegrass band, but Mark is set to release his debut full length solo album, Nowhere to Land, next month.

There’s something so beautiful about the sound of a banjo, which is the main ingredient to all of Whitaker’s music. It’s almost as if he’s going back to the basics and roots of music with Nowhere to Land. Whitaker also has a knack for songwriting with the ability to relate to a wide range of emotions and experiences, as well as tell stories with his music.

The title track, “Nowhere to Land,” has a bluesy vibe with Whitaker singing, “I’ve been flying around for a lifetime with nowhere to land.” Whitaker chose the ideal song as the title of his album, as it showcases the three main focuses of his trademark sound – his vocals, songwriting skills, and the banjo. It’s a beautiful track with a sense of simplicity that forces you to slow down and enjoy the music.

“A Day With You” really brings in the true bluegrass, roots sound with not only Whitaker’s banjo playing, but a harmonica and fiddle on this quick paced track. “Let You Go” has an enjoyable beat with Whitaker singing of a past love in a song about what else but letting go. Like many of the songs on Nowhere to Land, Whitaker goes into a banjo solo in the middle of the song, which allows the listener to focus on that aspect of his music.

“Chances” is another example of how relatable Whitaker’s lyrics are, with a song about regret and missing the chance to say how you feel. When you hear songs like “Chances” it wakes you up and makes you realize how important it is to say how you feel at the present moment or else, as Whitaker sings, “the moment’s gone and time rolls on.”

Mark Whitaker has created a strong debut album with Nowhere to Land. He has established a distinctive sound with his storytelling lyrics and banjo playing that will have new fans sticking around for what’s to come after this first full length album. There are no frills when listening to Nowhere to Land, just a simplistic beauty that will have listeners sitting back to relax and let Whitaker take them away from it all.

For those of you in the Boston area, show Mark some support by attending his CD release show at Club Passim, in Cambridge, MA, on Wednesday, August 6 at 8pm. Tell him Wordkrapht sent you!

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars!




Album Name: Nowhere to Land
Release Date: August, 2014
Location: Boston, MA
Genre: singer/songwriter, acoustic