Mo Lowda & The Humble – Curse the Weather

Mo Lowda & The Humble – Curse the Weather

Mo LawdaThis past winter was a brutal one. Cities in the south like Atlanta experienced snow and ice storms, and most areas on the east coast could barely go a few days without another snow storm. Philadelphia was no exception, and by looking at the title of Philly-based trio, Mo Lowda & The Humble’s Curse the Weather, you would assume they dedicated their debut full length album to this horrible weather. Although it seems they were merely predicting the future since Curse the Weather was released last September before the chaotic weather arrived. Either way, Mo Lowda & The Humble will get you through any type of weather that comes your way.

Curse the Weather is an album complete with a true rock sound. The first track, “The Way Home,” has lead singer and guitarist, Jordan Caiola, displaying his variety of vocal talents with soft, staccato verses and a powerful, strong chorus in a song about branching out to accomplish your dream, but never forgetting how you got there.

The title track, “Curse the Weather,” has verses that sound like a calm before the storm with the trio playing in a hushed tone, but once the chorus enters, the music hits you like a storm abruptly rolling through your town. The lyrics will really make the listener try to dissect the meaning behind words like “I always listen to the optimistic spirit in me. But now I’m wishin’ that the devil on my shoulder took the title in a best out of 3.”

Shane Woods and Nate Matulis create a fun, danceable beat on “The Water’s Gonna Save Me” that will have the listener bobbing their head throughout the song. “Lunar Guidance” is the most low key track on the album, with Mo Lowda & The Humble showcasing more instrumental sections and minimal lyrics to go along with the music so you can really take in their sound.

Mo Lowda & The Humble are keeping the rich Philadelphia musical tradition alive in their first full length album, Curse the Weather. This three piece band creates such a full sound it has the listener thinking there are a few more musicians behind the music. The band is not only talented, but smart about getting their music heard with Caiola using his connections at the popular Philly rock station, WMMR, (where he recently ended an internship) in order for Mo Lowda & The Humble to appear as a live guest performing a few of their songs on the air to a large listening audience. Here’s hoping that connections like that, will allow the band to be heard by enough people to take their music career well into the future.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars!




Album Name: Curse the Weather
Release Date: September, 2013
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: alternative, rock
Members: Jordan Caiola (vocals, guitar), Shane Woods (drums), and Nate Matulis (bass)
Record Label: Bell Tower Records