Kbit – Un Boombox Symphonique

Kbit – Un Boombox Symphonique

KBITKosta Andreadis is a creature of the past. Not too far back, but he carries with him a torch lit in the late 90’s and the early years of the new century. His years as a producer of house music (under the moniker “Andreadis”) show, but what you have in his debut release Un Boombox Symphonique, is what one would expect if John Hughes did a teenage sci-fi flick (other than Weird Science).

From the sampling of an early NASA press conference in album opener “These Seven” to noticeable gifts from the days of The Breakfast Club, this debut album lays down 10 tracks that mix house grooves with under-rated synth work to create the soundtrack of one heck of an evening.

Andreadis’ Bandcamp page states that this album is for lovers of “space exploration, steady grooves, daily doses of funk, sweeping melodies, day dreaming, and adorable pets.”

One highlight is the jazz-inflected groove of “Live From Vienna” reminiscent of Weather Report or Herbie Hancock (look them up). “Fin (The End)” uses a stand up bass sample to go with the incessant drum beat and multiple organ layers.

Un Boombox Symphonique had this writer sitting in the dark with his headphones on, mesmerized by Andreadis’ work. As the music took this writer back to yesteryear, memories long thought lost to the alcoholic purge came back with stunning clarity. It will connect with you as well.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars




Album Name: Un Boombox Symphonique
Date Released: February, 2014
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Genre: Electronic, Ambient, Funk, Jazz
Members: Kosta Andreadis
Website: http://kbitmusic.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/kbitmusic