The Daily Krapht – Rob Skeetz ft. Who-Saw Jordon  – “Beaches”

The Daily Krapht – Rob Skeetz ft. Who-Saw Jordon – “Beaches”

Rob SkeetzSeattle’s been hiding a super producer. Or maybe this multi-talented musician’s been waiting for the right moment to release his genius artistry to eager ears. Genuinely odd and accessibly weird, Seattle’s own Rob Skeetz is a rare blend of epic producer and stand out rapper. With a track like “Beaches” featuring Who-Saw Jordon, Skeetz can definitely put Seattle on the map and keep it there for decades to come. Hip hop is thirsty for a versatile, flashy, out-of-the-box artist that can entertain with a vengeance. Skeetz is well on his way with a banger like “Beaches.”

First and foremost, this hook is Everything! The breakdown of the beat for the hook is one for the books; a little jazz, r & b, and funk with a refreshing little harmony to add to a tried and true formula of rapper/singer dynamic. Don’t let the groovy, mellow hook fool you, this is a few minutes of straight club banger that you’ll wish was so much longer. Both lyricists compliment this track with racey references and bold delivery. This brash chant should be on repeat, blaring loud in the speakers of every hip hop guru.

Artist Name: Rob Skeetz
Location: Seattle, WA
Genres: rap, hip hop, r &b