Photo by Celia Kelly

Photo by Celia Kelly

SIRSY is a little band with a BIG sound. With just Melanie Krahmer on vocals and drums, and Rich Libutti on guitar, this duo keeps the energy high and the sound sassy. Coming Into Frame is their latest album, and with a little bit of everything on it for everyone, SIRSY proves they can handle the sound of a full band with just the two of them. Stylistically, Coming Into Frame features some pretty heavy guitar riffs, alongside Krahmer wailing, crooning and just being her. Her vocals are as sharp as her drumming, always in your face without being over-powering. They pride themselves on being sincere, whether they’re playing a power ballad or a rocking anthem and that really comes through in their music. This is definitely a band you need to see live, and luckily for us they consider touring their day job. I had the chance to ask Melanie Krahmer a few questions and she was gracious enough to answer while being sick on the road (what a trooper!) What follows is what she had to say, check it out and then go see if they are coming to a town near you.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions for us! Please tell us about yourselves and how long SIRSY has been together:

Sirsy is an “indie-rock and alt-pop duo chock full of soul and sincerity with just the right amount of sass.” Or so the papers say. The band consists of Rich Libutti and Melanie Krahmer.  Rich plays guitar (a well loved and road worn Rickenbacker with lots of vintage guitar effects). He also plays bass on a keyboard with his feet. I (Melanie) am the other half of the band. I’m the lead singer and drummer. I play a full drum kit while standing up which allows me to dance a bit behind the kit along with the crowd. I also play bass on a keyboard with my drum stick, and some flute too. Our live show is very high energy and we interact with the crowd. We are definitely not a “shoe gaze” band. Rich and I formed sirsy in 2000.  Our songs are dynamic. Some are even dramatic with darker lyrics. Others are sarcastic and tongue in cheek. In general though, we try not to take ourselves too seriously. Life is too short!

Coming Into Frame is your latest release (which I do have to quickly mention you have the lyrics for each song on your website, THANK YOU for that!) Was there a specific reason for naming the album that, as opposed to naming it for a specific track on the album?

Coming Into Frame is taken from a line in the song, “Picture”.  We feel like this album is our most focused and fully realized CD to date. So “coming into frame” seemed to work well as a title.

Each song on the album is stylistically unique (and equally catchy it should be noted), how do you handle the song-crafting process?

A surprising number of our songs have started from Rich noodling around in sound check at our shows. Sometimes I hear something I really love and I record it on my cell phone for us to work on in our next rehearsal. That’s where we format the song and really write the parts together. I usually write the lyrics last.

I noticed you guys tour quite a bit (including a stop at SXSW). You have dates set up until the month of July. What music gets SIRSY through those long drives (and who does most of the driving?)

Yes we do tour a lot. Touring is our day job. We play between 200-250 shows per year all over the US. Last year we drove more than 63,000 miles on tour. Rich does 99% of the driving. I hate to drive and Rich hates it when I drive. He drives a lot faster than I do, so it’s really more efficient to have him behind the wheel. And it’s more of a calm environment when Rich drives.  I’m pretty nervous when the wind makes the van sway on the road and such. We fight a lot less when I’m not driving. Haha.  While he’s driving, I do a lot of social media stuff for the band and I often do interviews – like this one. ;) I’m answering this interview as we drive through Kentucky on our way to Nashville for the international Pop Overthrow Festival.

As for music, we have an eclectic mix of stuff on each of our iPhones. We also listen to Pandora a lot to discover different stuff. Lately though, Band of Skulls, Muse, Mutemath, Arctic Monkeys, the Black Keys and the Jackson 5 have been in heavy rotation. And the Beatles are always a staple.

What’s up for the band for the rest of the year?

We’re writing songs for a new record that we hope to release early next year. We’re also touring like mad. I think we’re already on the way to breaking our mileage record this year. We also plan to head back out to the west coast before the end of the year.

Before we close, is there anything you would like the readers of Wordkrapht to know?

We hope to meet some of you in person at a show sometime soon. We love meeting the folks that dig our music. And Rich, as always, would like me to say: “May the force be with you”.

Artist Name: SIRSY
Location: Albany, NY
Genre: Indie Rock + Pop – chock full of soul and sincerity with just the right amount of sass.
Members: Melanie (vocals, drums, bass, flute, melodica)
Rich (guitar, bass, keys)
Website: http://www.sirsy.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sirsyband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/sirsy