FeminINDIE: Annalise Emerick

FeminINDIE: Annalise Emerick

Annalise EmerickAnnalise Emerick’s newly released track “Home”, embodies the token love song.  The song describes missing someone and wanting them to come home.  Her voice is drenched in country and there is no doubt that it transfers deep within her soul.  “Home” is a perfect song for a relaxing Sunday afternoon or easy-listening after a long day at work.  Annalise’s emotion can be felt throughout the song and it makes you hopeful that her love will in fact come home.

Her voice is enchanting and encompassing to say the least.  The strict rhythm compels you to bop back and forth in absolute bliss while the long drawn out accordion notes keep you grounded.  The breakdown in the middle of the song gives you a brief lift off before bringing you back to your original state.  The song structure is held together with the striding instrumentals and the melodious tone of her vocals. Annalise is currently touring so keep an eye out for shows in your area and be sure to check out the release of her new album, Field Notes.

{Editor’s Note: Wordkrapht is happy to announce that we will be PREMIERING the track “Home” with the release of the FeminINDIE CD Sampler. “Field Notes” will be released in September. All music and vidoes in this article are from past releases.}

We had a chance to ask Emerick a few questions from her tour van (AKA a Honda Fit). Here’s what she had to say…

You recently left a job to pursue a music career full time. How scary was it for you to make that decision and what made you take the leap?

It wasn’t too bad actually. The jobs I’ve had since graduating college were never “real” jobs so that made it a lot easier to take off for the road. I just looked at my calender one day at the beginning of 2014 and realized I had a ton of shows booked for spring/summer so I was probably going to quit my day jobs and tour for a while. Then that turned into me deciding to make touring my full time thing. I could have easily continued to work part time and tour part time for another 3 years but just knew it was the right time for me to take the leap.

While you’re on the road, is their time to let inspiration take you down the path of writing new music, or do you just have enough time to get to the next gig?

Honestly, songwriting has been tough so far this year. Most days I wake up, answer emails, prep for the coming days (promo/hotel/advancing), then it’s time for me to drive to the gig if it’s a few hours away. Days off are mostly sleeping and booking emails and then occasionally working on a new song. It’s a tough balance.

Do you have a pre-performance ritual?

Not really, usually just putting together a set list and relaxing a bit. I used to think I needed time to get in the zone and would focus really hard on the upcoming performance but that just made me get way too much into my own head and I would take the stage already freaked out about mistakes that I hadn’t even made yet. 

Who influences your music the most?

Brandi Carlile, Patty Griffin, and the Dixie Chicks all hold an equal part of my inspiration.

What inspired you to become a musician?

A lot of things have led me to becoming a musician, but music was always the #1 thing for me. I didn’t really excel in anything else as a child, partly because I was so in love with singing and partly because I don’t think my brain is really wired for science or math.

What is your song writing process?

I don’t really have a process that I follow. I try to just let the songs come to me when they are ready. If it’s a co-write I’ll bring a few ideas to the session and we’ll see what comes up but no song has ever been written the same way for me.

What can your long time fans expect from the new album compared to your previous work?

The new album, Field Notes, is a lot more folk singer/songwriter and country inspired than Starry-Eyed. It’s got pedal steel, lap steel, accordion, pump organ, banjo, mandolin etc. So it’s a lot more acoustic and folk rock ish. More gritty, hopefully more mature, and I think the songs are stronger too.

If you could write a song with any musician who would it be and why?

Probably, Brandi Carlile. She says so much in her songs, she is a true poet. I can only hope to write songs like her one day.

What is one unforgettable memory as a musician?

My tour kick off show in Boston last August. The room was packed, people sang along to all my songs and the love and support was so evident. I was so happy to feel that support from the Boston community, it made leaving for tour a lot easier.

In your opinion, what is the environment like for an independent female artist?

The entertainment industry environment? Hmmm… all I really know is that you have to work hard and show people you are serious about being a musician. Forge your own path, put your blinders up and live your own story. Comparing yourself to what other indie musicians are doing can be very toxic, at least for me, so I really just try to find things that work for me and walk my own path. Not in a sense of being exclusive but more just to be confident in your own story.

Your car dies en route to your next performance and another vehicle filled with fans pulls up to give you a hand. What kind of mess are they going to find when they help you get your stuff?

Haha! Pistachio shells on the floorboards, bags of souvenirs from truck stops and small towns in New Mexico, a newly inherited mandolin from my great grandfather Emerick, bedding, an air mattress, extra pillows, and a lot of granola bar wrappers.

Artist Name: Annalise Emerick
Genre: Pop, Country, Singer/Songwriter
Location: Nashville, TN
Band Members: Annalise Emerick
Website: http://annaliseemerick.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnnaliseEmerick
Tumblr: http://annaliseemerick.tumblr.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnnaliseCE

{Editor’s note: Victor Alfieri contributed to this article.}