Indie-Funded: Sundressed

Indie-Funded: Sundressed

SundressedI-FWordkrapht has helped countless bands/artists reach their target goal in their various kickstarter,indigogo and pledgemusic campaigns. Whether they were looking for funding so they can tour, create an album or even raise money for a festival, we have been there to support and spread the word and we don’t plan on stopping any time soon.

Our latest Indie-Funded is Phoenix, Arizona band, Sundressed. They recently started an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a tour bus so they can expand their audiences and play more shows for you! I asked the fellas a few questions about the campaign, where we can expect to see them if (I mean WHEN) their campaign is successful and more. Below is the interview, check it out and help some deserving musicians get their van!

I would like to give a warm welcome to Sundressed! Introduce yourselves and tell the readers a little bit about the band:

Sundressed is Trevor Hedges (Vocals/Guitar), Ryan Osterman (Guitar/Vocals), Evan Kees (Bass) and Jason Milham (Drums). We are a indie/punk/pop band from the greater Phoenix area, and we have been a band for almost 3 years! We really love and believe in the songs were making together, and are continuing to work super hard towards the goal of touring and growing as a band.

You are currently running an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for a van so you can have more freedom in touring .Tell us about how long the campaign is running for, and why you chose Indiegogo specifically over other sites, such a Kickstarter.

Well, we chose Indiegogo because we have used it before, and are comfortable with it, its very straight-forward and easy to use. We are running this campaign to help us get our own van, so we can become a regularly touring band. We already have one tour booked for the west coast, and a few other really cool things in the work that we can’t talk about yet, but I will say we plan on venturing to the east coast before the end of the year. We’ve been making a lot of friends across the country through social media as well as being openers for touring bands and we are really looking forward to bringing our music to as many places as we can. We are also working on a new record, which we are really excited about. Our sound has changed a lot since our first record, and it just feels right. Playing these songs live the past few months locally has been awesome and we can’t wait to show the rest of the country!

 What are some of the cool incentives you are offering backers?

One thing we’re excited about is our 25 dollar incentive, which is a download of some never before released demos, acoustic songs, side projects and covers. Jason and Ryan especially have some really cool side project/cover stuff, and it will include some demos of songs which may or may not be on our new record. We are also offering cover songs, band van hangs, and even naming our van or picking a custom license plate.

If the campaign is successful, where are you guys planning on touring and how soon do you plan to start?

Our first tour is already mostly booked and we will be playing shows in California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Utah, and Nevada starting June 7th . Our next tour will hopefully include the east coast.

Favorite place to play in Arizona? 

We’ve been playing a lot of venues lately we haven’t played in the past. Parliament DIY has definitely become a new favorite, but we’ve been having a blast at the Underground and 51 west too. It’s also been too long since we played the Rhythm Room!

Given the opportunity, what is the dream venue that Sundressed is wanting to play at?

Honestly, a huge arena is pretty frightening and uncomfortable. It’s not really a specific venue or destination, we want to be on the road playing punk shows in Philly basements, small venues, houses, anywhere where we can be close to a captive audience.

Thanks for taking the time to answer some questions, is there anything else you would like the readers to know about your campaign (or anything else in general?)

We would just like to thank everyone who has supported us thus far. It means a lot to have people support our passion. We sincerely hope we can reach each and every one of you once we get our van and hit the road!

The “Sundressed Needs Wheels” campaign will end on May 14, so you still have plenty of time to be a backer. Connect with Sundressed on all of the social media sites for dates and new releases, links at the bottom of the page. Now go forth and donate!

Artist Name: Sundressed
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Genre: Soulful indie folk rock
Members: Trevor Hedges – Vocals/Guitar, Evan Patrick Kees – Bass, Jason Milham – drums, Ryan Osterman (Brian Fosterson) – Guitar/vocals