The Daily Krapht – Monday Appreciation Society – “Blankets of Youth”

The Daily Krapht – Monday Appreciation Society – “Blankets of Youth”

Monday Appreciation Society is a lo-fi duo consisting of Mark Rybaltowski and Dan Wisniewski that just released their new single “Blankets of Youth” – and it’s awesome.

The guitar sound is very 1950s/indie rock inspired and the chords progress quickly. The drums are fast and get you pumped up with a lot of crashes and a fast, yet rather simple beat because there’s no reason to make it fancy when it sounds great. This song awakens nostalgia in the hearts of listeners as we get ready for spring. The vocals seem to be a bit loud and high, but this could have been mixed as such intentionally. It’s a rather simple song, but it’s the good familiar kind of simple we have all heard before and love. The kind of music you might play around a campfire with some buddies and some beers, making memories of the good old days. For a lo-fi band, they definitely make the distorted sound work to their advantage and have composed a single that’s worth checking out!

You can download the single here and be sure to pick up their new album If You Were Here, I’d Be Home Now dropping on the 14th of April.

Oh yeah, did I mention the single is free?

Artist Name: Monday Appreciation Society
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: Lo-Fi, Indie Rock
Band Members: Mark Rybaltowski, Dan Wisniewski