Lykanthea & Savage Sister – Sundrowned

Lykanthea & Savage Sister – Sundrowned

Reviewing music albums and songs is always a welcome win-win for music writers, but every so often we encounter that one great song or one great album that clearly stands out from the myriad lists of good music. I truly believe I am about to review one such record.

Chicago based experimental solo musician Lykanthea and fellow residents and shoegaze artists Savage Sister released their collaborative EP Sundrowned on the 21st last month. Lakshmi Ramgopal aka Lykanthea is a PhD student and one half of dancepop duo Love and Radiation. Armed with over a decade worth of Carnatic training, her music personifies phantom vocals and translucent harmonies. Michael Tenzer (co-writer of the tracks along with Lakshmi), Chloe Lundgren and Caitlin Klask form the largely talented dreampop trio in Savage Sister. They have already released some prominent remixes and covers and are at the brink of releasing their forthcoming EP The Wild Sleep later this month.

Opening track “Glass Orchids” is a complete full minute of perfectly mesmerizing synths and fragile lyrics. Rising echoes and other-worldly pensiveness launches “Naked”, amidst hushed, broody choruses that are at once both exotic and heartwarming. “Orphan child” is clearly the up-tempo track of the EP. It captures a brilliant overlay of musical instruments deftly switching between low fi percussions and richly textured atmospherics. As a beautiful last note to this masterful ensemble, “Diving” cushions luxurious keyboards and some ethereal female vocals to ensure the listener is caught at the helm with its delicate electronica.

Sundrowned achieves that rare blend of genuine and genius artistry. All the tracks layer music over vocals with the underlying fact that words are relayed but the message may be left undelivered.

Brace yourselves for 15 minutes of song crafting at its pinnacle best.
Take a bow, Lykanthea and Savage Sister.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars



Album Name: Sundrowned
Date Released: January, 2014
Genre: shoegaze, experimental, ambient, darkwave,
Location: Chicago, IL
Band Members: Lakshmi Ramgopal, Michael Tenzer, Chloe Lundgren, Caitlin Klask


Savage Sister: