Hidden By The Grapes – I’m Sorry Tschem

Hidden By The Grapes – I’m Sorry Tschem

Hidden By The Grapes are a trio hailing from Graz, Austria, and they released their latest album I’m Sorry Tschem this past October. The band is Christian Steiner (guitar, vocals), Richard Kahlbacher (keys, bass, vocals), and Bernhard Jammerbund (drums, vocals), and their sound is a blend of 90’s indie and alternative rock, punk, with a touch of Avant-Garde noise rock, that they bring all together into an interesting musical stew. Trios by nature tend to have to be tight as there’s no one else to fill up the sound of mistakes, it’s just the three musicians pushing and challenging each other, and Hidden By The Grapes have certainly learned to play and write songs within that context that allows them to take advantage of it. The quick 30 plus minute EP of songs with titles that are plays on Beatles songs, blasts from the speakers and never lets up too much.

The album opens with “She Courtney Loves You” which gives the listeners a taste of the post-punk noise rock the band is capable of as it builds into a cacophony of guitar and bass, with drums pounding madly away. We then head into “Give Pierce Brosnan a Chance,” a riff driven song that relies on the tried and true loud/quiet/loud formula, while “Don’t Let Me Down Robert Downey Jr.” shows the band bouncing along over a great drum and bass beat with a Larry Lalonde-like guitar coming in and out of the song with its feedback laced notes. “The Fool on Terence Hill” gives us straight Sonic Youth feedback noise rock that pulls together to kick some ass for the song’s second half, and then in a complete turnaround the album’s next track “Ticket to Wynona Ryder” is light and flows in a stoner friendly happy go lucky easy fashion before itself turning into a chord heavy, bass, and cymbal driven crescendo.

I’m Sorry Tschem is an album that deserves to be recognized in the 90’s indie-rock revival sound that appears to be so prominent. It is a great blend of the many sounds that may come to a listeners mind when they think of what 90’s indie might mean to them. At the same point, the band should in no way be pigeon-holed into any classification as Hidden By The Grapes have figured out how to run with a sound that many will love when exposed to; they show their influences, and have used them to create their own modern take on a classic sound to keep pushing it forward.

To any of our Austrian, or European readers capable of attending, Hidden By The Grapes will be playing in Linz at the Uni Café on January 30th.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 3 Stars



Album Name: I’m Sorry Tschem
Date Released: October, 2013
Genre: alternative, indie rock, noise rock, post punk
Location: Graz, Austria
Band Members: Christian Steiner (guitar, vocals), Richard Kahlbacher (keys, bass, vocals), and Bernhard Jammerbund (drums, vocals)
Record Label: Pumpkin Records
Website: http://www.hiddenbythegrapes.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hiddenbythegrapes