The Lift Up – Without Dreams, We Are Only Sleeping

The Lift Up – Without Dreams, We Are Only Sleeping

The Lift Up is a modern punk/garage rock trio from Philadelphia who released their debut album Without Dreams, We Are Only Sleeping in September this year.  The tracks are soulful, honest accounts of the constant pressures of the modern life with a lingering nostalgia of yester years. It is vividly reminiscent of the period in our lives when we were in relentless conflict between running away and staying right where we are.

The nine songs are intensely written and paired evocatively with some 90s pop acoustics. With clear influences from The Smiths, Goo Goo Dolls, Leonard Cohen and The Jam, among others. Bassist Larry Zapparterrini, drummer John Paul Travis and singer- songwriter Joe Castro previously played together in the popular band The Situation.

Apart from the pounding percussions and Castro’s raw, robust vocals, the record is cleverly precise and short, with a running time of 32 minutes. This forms as a strong starter–kit for a band that creates candid melodies and wholehearted performances.

“Everybody Tells Her That” is an uplifting, sonic ballad with an underlying message urging one to move on from a past relationship. “Norfolk Street” provides a dreamy visual of brooding guitar strums and relaxed back beats.  The title track is musically different from the rest of the songs on the album. It soulfully wraps up the collection with a conversational soundscape that builds up to a crescendo of rhythms.

The record was co-produced by the band and Grammy-nominated producer, Jim Salamone at Cambridge Sound Studios in Newtown, PA.  Hard-hitting and nostalgic lyrics, smooth vocals and powerful influences make The Lift Up a band that has a lot to offer musically.

“Everybody Tells Her That” and “Without Dreams, We Are Only Sleeping” are available for free download below:



WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars

Album Name: Without Dreams, We Are Only Sleeping
Date Released: September, 2013
Genre: Modern Garage Pop
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Band Member: Larry Zapparterrini (bass), John Paul Travis (drums) Joe Castro (vocals, songwriting)
Record Label: MondoTunes