Alice Rose – Each Is A Dream

Alice Rose – Each Is A Dream

“Each is a dream in the other’s mind, You are the dream in my mind“.

As a follow-up release to her single “Teardrops” in August, Danish electro pop singer-songwriter Alice Rose offered up her new album this November. Each is a Dream is an experimental, dreamy ensemble of tunes that relay a soulful journey of storytelling.
First in line is “Into My Heart“ which is like a breezy ode to a teenage crush. The music meanders from lo-fi dream-pop to uptempo dance.

“Teardrops“ and “Father“ have arrestingly delicate violin intros – that sound like Bach compositions – with similar acoustic endings. The former is already a much-liked single, but it is in “Father“ that her strong vocals come across as tender and heartbreaking when she sings, “And if you pass on, what would I do?…All I can say is I love you so.”

Bearing an uncanny resonance to Bjork in “Last Happy End“ and “Riot,” the tunes have the characteristic dark, melancholic and moody concoction.

Other highlights include “So Hot“ that sounds straight out of a Chicago musical and “Late Blooming“ that has the underlay of a beautiful ballet bar symphony.

The weakest link in an otherwise adventurous record is “On My Mind“. The lyrics sound like a tumble of words crammed together that do not form a very good marriage with the melody. The music in itself works and would have done much better as an intrumental piece.

The most joyous part of the compilation is that although the lyrics at times tread into the dangerous territory of sounding too pop candy and at places are far too packed into the tune, the clever variation in the instrumental setup keeps you rapt. You tend to give the lyrics a pass for a while.

One thing to watch out for is that notwithstanding a couple of tunes, most of the songs in the album end better than they start. Hence, it may be a bit of a task to convince the anxious music listener as the melody only picks up progressively. However, once given enough time for a listen or two, this has the potential to be a keeper.

The title track of the album is a collaboration with co-producer John Parish( of PJ Harvey fame), whose voice is reminiscent of the endearing Frank Sinatra. In a recent interview, Alice spoke about the idea behind the album title and the lyrics to the song – about how people are sometimes completely different to how we perceive them to be in our mind. This whim sums up not just the song but the entire album.

Albiet a few points to consider, Each is a Dream is a very believable, heartfelt and intimate record that essentially blends the old world with the new. Other contributors to the album include techno musician and Alice‘s long time collaborator Gabriel Ananda and fellow Danish singer and lyricist Clara Bryld.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 3 Stars



Album Name: Each Is A Dream
Date Released: November, 2013
Genre: electro pop, experimental folk
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Band Member: Alice Rose
Record Label: Manual Music