Indie Funded: Ryan Humbert

Indie Funded: Ryan Humbert

One of my favorite parts about being a part of the Wordkrapht family is establishing friendships with indie musicians all over the world. There have been a handful of artists that I have kept in contact with after reviewing or like Ryan Humbert, who I have met in person. I had the opportunity to see Ryan perform live in my area over a year ago, thanks to some mutual friends who informed me about this talented singer/songwriter. After experiencing his music firsthand, a group of us went to dinner together and it was there that we not only shared our love of music, but also for one of the most adorable dogs in the world, the chihuahua. We spent the next ten minutes or so scrolling through our phones sharing pictures of our pet chihuahuas, and as they say, the rest is history.

Between liking each other’s chihuahua pictures on Instagram, I have also continued to follow Humbert’s career. A few weeks ago, I was informed through his Facebook page that he was beginning a PledgeMusic campaign to raise money to record a new album in Nashville, Tennessee. I immediately took advantage of my Wordkrapht platform to interview Humbert and help him spread the word about this new project. So, find out about who Ryan Humbert is and what his goals are for this new album. If you enjoy his music, be sure to like him on Facebook, follow him on Twitter, and most of all, contribute to his PledgeMusic campaign! Your money will not only be going to a talented musician, but you’ll also be supporting one of the most genuine, down-to-earth guys in the music industry.

Here is the link to his PledgeMusic campaign where you can see the different pledge levels and the video promo.

Tell us who Ryan Humbert is and where you came from.

Well, I’ve been singing, writing songs and fronting a band for almost ten years now. I like to consider my “Americana-Pop” because I love American roots music, but I’m also a sucker for a classic pop hook. I was born in Canton, OH and when not traveling, I still call Northeastern Ohio home.

Of all the different sites available, what made you decide to use PledgeMusic for your campaign?

The last time we did a campaign like this we used Kickstarter, and while we had great success with them, I really liked that PledgeMusic was completely music oriented and wanted to try working with them this time. They are also very hands-on and really care about you crossing the finish line and hitting your goal.

How did you go about choosing the exclusive products and experiences that are being offered on this campaign?

This is always tough because you want to make sure you’re making it worth people’s time and money to help you out. I did a lot of research to see what worked for other artists like myself, as well as talking to folks who have pledged in the past and what they expected, if anything, out of their pledging experience. It was a lot of fun to come up with all the exclusive, unique items.

Some people may read that you signed a contract with a record label and think, “Ok, well if he’s signed, why does he need our help?” So, why is it so important for fans to help you raise money for the album? What will the money be used for?

The music business has changed so drastically. There is no such thing as a “traditional” record deal these day. The deal I entered into is very much a partnership. Yes, the label will be covering a lot of expenses, but I’m also responsible for covering a lot of expenses too. By signing into a deal like this I get to maintain more creative control, as well as maintain more royalties and profit. It’s a way to make sure I’m able to keep making music and keep my head above water too. All the money raised will be used for a wide variety of things, including musicians, recording, mixing, mastering, travel, touring, promotional events, items and partnerships and much more.

If you had to change one thing about the music industry, what would you change?

Sadly, even in the age of the internet, there still seems to be so many ghettos and pigeonholes out there. While it’s better than it has been in years, there needs to be better way to get honest and true music out there to the masses instead of force-feeding the same generic stuff over and over again. There are so many great artists and singers out there who just don’t get the exposure they deserve. But who’s fault is it really? It’s hard to say, and it’s always going to be an uphill battle.

What can we expect from this new album compared to your previously released material?

Obviously the goal is to make the best record I can. I feel that every time I’ve made a record I’ve honed in a little more and have been able to really distill things down, and I want this record to be the same way. I want to record honest, yet appealing, versions of the best songs I can bring to the table. I want to make sure it’s consistent of the product we’ve released in the past while still making an album that will show growth as an artist, singer and most importantly, a songwriter.

What does being an independent musician mean to you?

Hard work and dedication … Doing it because you love it. :)

Artist Name: Ryan Humbert
Location: Akron/Canton, OH
Genre: Americana pop
Band Members: Ryan Humbert, Emily Bates, Erin Vaughn, Ben Evans, Matt Middleton, Jared Lees, and Michael Houff