People Person – Dumb Supper

People Person – Dumb Supper

Dumb Supper is an EP of remastered demos by the buzz pop group, People Person, from South Carolina.  The cover photo is both ironic and misleading, showing about ten people joining hands. The music sounds too minimal for a quartet. Their singer, adorable fraggle blond, Jessica Oliver, is reminiscent of Kim Deal transitioning between the Pixies and Breeders. “I’m Slimy” recalls “Gigantic”, a classic Pixies track; both songs relate in the same deceiving simplicity of pop-punk. Jessica’s vocals are buried beneath the static transmission of guitars to where her lyrics are near unintelligible. Perhaps a keen enough ear will catch one or two words—not that those foggy depths of punk distortion ever trapped Kurt Cobain. Speaking of Nirvana, “Fallout” dives in like “About A Girl” and later treads into Breeders’ Last Splash era

Despite its murky mixing, Dumb Supper is a fun record; a punk party of chatty cymbals, intoxicating choruses and periods of sobering doubt before a second wind of revelry kicks in. “Astoria” and “It Bugs Me, It’s Nothing” both slow down the binger with sludging guitar feedback, female harmonies and watery vocals. Specifically, on “Astoria” the drummer may have slipped outside for a cigarette. Which was a good idea. Loud drums would’ve crashed a makeout session on the couch.

“Portions For Fatties” adorns the same old demo dress. What can be done with a demo? If the song is good, it’s good. Studio mastering may hem the dress into an imitation like Abercrombie & Fitch, whereas “Up &  Done It” passes for a recorded rehearsal, the most stripped down number of the project. The EP closes with its finest, “Frances”, a dreamy ballad that flirts with a Lilith Fair fantasy: if Kim Deal ever replaced Hope Sandoval.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars



Album Name: Dumb Supper
Release Date: October, 2013
Genre: Indie Rock
Location: Columbia, SC
Members: Jessica Oliver, Adam Cullum, Evan Simmons
Record Label: Post-Echo