Photo courtesy of DLMlive-Razor 94.7

Decivilize Song Reviews/Interview

Photo courtesy of DLMlive-Razor 94.7

Decivilize is a band that will soon be crushing skulls all over Wisconsin with their brand of american metal. They have released two songs for a free download to tease the masses as they are busy recording their debut album that is set to be released in November. Once you download the songs and press play, the device for which you listen to the songs will never be the same. Tim Beyer, Ben Wachal, Kurt VanderVeldon, and Thor Nielson are full of aggression and are set to take over the metal scene.

The first song, “So Shallow, So Shall I” is a runaway train of chaos giving you the taste of chaos that only they could give. The vocals are heavy and dark and demand the attention of everyone. The drums are heavy hitting and solid, the guitars add to the mystery of their heaviness with backing basslines that will pound your heart right out of your chest. The guitar solos are ripping, melodic and speak their own demonic language.

The second attempt at mass destruction is the song “Everything Clean”. A calmer yet just as heavy song with heavy melodic guitars that you’ll be dreaming about in your next nightmare. These two songs will only fuel the fire that you will have for more of there music the will not come soon enough, For me personally, this new album that they are working on will not come soon enough. It will definitely turn some heads in their direction.

I got the chance to talk to Tim about the upcoming album, previous bands, and the local music scene. Here are some of his thoughts…

Chris Axe: . I discovered your older band Candy Machine Guns during a live stream from The Rave when you opened up for Kittie. How important is that kind of exposure to a local band?

Tim Beyer: Tons! We were pretty excited to get on that bill, we played the Rave before and must have impressed the right people! Hopefully the new band will get a chance to get on some of those shows again.

Chris Axe: You’ve laid Candy Machine Guns to rest and began a new chapter with the band Decivilize. Tell us about Decivilize and how that transition is going?

Tim Beyer:  It couldn’t be better! I have worked with our singer Kurt in a previous band for 10 years before I quit to start up a band that could tour, we work great together.

Chris Axe: Being one Indie band in a time of hundreds of Indie bands, What kind of noise do you have to make in order for your band to stick out among all the others?

Tim Beyer:  I hope the fact our music is what people hear and in the first few seconds dig the vibe we’re throwing at them.

Chris Axe: What kind of advice would you give to a band just getting started? 

Tim Beyer: Make sure what your band’s goals are. If 3 members can tour and the 4th member has a full time job, or a house to pay for, or a significant other that won’t let them leave for a few weeks or months out of the year for touring there’s a problem right there. The whole band should discuss what their goals are individually and as a whole to actually see if it’s going to work in a month or a year from now. You could end up being the biggest band in your home city with no way to tour and see if the rest of the world digs it because of 1 person!

Chris Axe: You’ve released two songs, “So Shallow, So Shall I”, and “Everything Clean”. Tell us about each of those songs and why you chose those two to introduce Decivilize to the masses. 

Tim Beyer: We like the difference of the two, So Shallow is straight forward metal and Everything Clean has got some mid tempo groove. It’s a good way to for people to get a little taste of what we are.

Chris Axe:  When can we expect an album from the band and what can we expect once it’s unleashed? 

Tim Beyer: We are in the studio right now and hoping it will be available online and hard copy mid November! I think we have a unique vibe of metal with a lot of groove and atmosphere, hopefully it’s a fresh sound for people in a world filled with thousands of metal bands and genres. We even have an option for people to pre order it, it would really help us out:

Chris Axe: How would you reinvent the local music scene if given the chance to do so?

Tim Beyer: I would buy my own bar/club (if I actually had $$) and have the best stage and lighting in the area with worldwide live streaming video of the bands!

Artist Name: Decivilize
Location: Wisconsin
Genre: Metal
Band Members: Kurt VanderVeldon, Ben Wachal, Thor Nielson, Tim Beyer