The Daily Krapht – Megan Michelle – “Lonely Hunter”

The Daily Krapht – Megan Michelle – “Lonely Hunter”

Megan Michelle has a song in “Lonely Hunter,” that on the surface grabbed me as something you would hear in a James Bond movie. The lounge-act horns, the strings that create both calm and anxiety at the same time, the soulful vocals…Then I listened to the lyrics.

My heart’s a lonely hunter, and I’ve given it away.
There was no blank return to sender.
The love you said you’d make was never made.

The heartbreak is raw, emotional and right on the surface. The more you listen, the deeper you fall into the pain that these words impress upon you.

This beautifully sad song will break your heart…but Megan’s vocals will help you heal if you just give her half a chance.

Artist Name: Megan Michelle
Location: Tucson, AZ
Genre: Soul, Lounge
Members: Meg Fabry