The O’s – Thunderdog

The O’s – Thunderdog

In recent years, many bands under the Americana genre have emerged and been a constant presence on popular radio stations all across the world. Bands like Mumford & Sons, The Lumineers, and the Avett Brothers have attracted a large amount of audiences to a genre that has been around for ages with sounds merged from folk, country, blues, rhythm and blues, and rock and roll. At Wordkrapht, we receive submissions from Americana bands on a consistent basis, so it’s always refreshing to hear a group worthy enough to be put in the same category as the aforementioned bands.

The O’s consist of the duo, John Pedigo and Taylor Young, hailing from Dallas, Texas. The two started the group in the summer of 2008, and their latest release, Thunderdog, is their third studio album. From the looks of The O’s Facebook page, along with creating studio albums, they also keep busy with their touring schedule. Thunderdog sounds like an essential Americana album with the sounds of the banjo, acoustic guitar, harmonies, and a basic yet very distinct percussion section. There’s nothing fancy about this album, but Americana doesn’t present overproduced sounds. This genre is all about going back to the basics, the root of music.

Thunderdog starts off with “Outlaw” which sounds like the anthem track of the album with lyrics like “We all fight the good fight, we all know what is right. We work too hard to have nothing change.” The O’s definitely reel in the listener with this appealing song. It has an upbeat, positive feel with the banjo, kick drum, and tambourine dominating the musical aspect of “Outlaw.”

“Go With Me” is another highlight from the album with The O’s adding an irish jig vibe with a quick paced track full of hand claps. When listening to this track, close your eyes and you may picture yourself dancing in a dark, crowded pub with a large group of drunken, friendly strangers. The sounds of people hollering and clapping in the background of “Go With Me” will probably assist you with this image. The only downfall (if you want to call it that) to this fun song is that it feels as if it’s over just as you’re really getting into it, so go ahead and put this one on repeat.

The O’s deliver an exceptional medley of songs with all the required elements to creating a successful Americana album to add to your library. They possess the variety of sounds that come along with the genre, which is what makes Thunderdog such an enjoyable album that will charm a large range of music fans.


WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars



Album Name: Thunderdog
Release Date: July, 2013
Genre: Americana, indie pop, alt-country
Location: Dallas, TX
Members: John Pedigo and Taylor Young
Record Label: Punch Five Records