Indie-Funded: Jade Alston

Indie-Funded: Jade Alston

There are a lot of indie artists out there who use fan funding websites like Kickstarter and Pledge Music. At Wordkrapht, we’re always looking for projects to feature in order to help the artist reach their goal. We want to make sure we choose someone who’s well deserving of the extra press and who is willing to participate in our feature, Indie-Funded.

I discovered Jade Alston many months ago when I was searching for a Daily Krapht to write up. I specifically wanted to find an artist from the Philadelphia area, since it’s where I’m from. After featuring her video for “Missing You Lately” as a Daily Krapht, I continued to follow her on Facebook and Twitter. In the past couple of months, I noticed most of her posts were about some health issues she was having. Then, less than a month ago, I saw a post about a Kickstarter campaign she was starting in order to record her first full length album. I was very touched by her Kickstarter video. Jade is not only a super talented independent artist who works hard and has many different projects, but she has also been recently diagnosed with a heart condition. At one point, I remember one of her Facebook posts saying that if she’s not able to reach her Kickstarter goal, she won’t be able to pursue music anymore because she’ll have to focus on paying her hospital bills. Well, right away, I knew I had to contact Jade so we could feature her project as our next Indie-Funded article. So, please read our interview with Jade below, and then go to her Kickstarter website to check out the many rewards you can receive when you donate to her campaign!

Let’s start with you telling us who Jade Alston is and where you came from.

I’m a singer/songwriter from Philly. I’m half free spirit artistic type, half thuglife ratchet Philly jawn, lol. Either way I’m committed to all things honest and beautiful.

You’ve gained a lot of experience as a solo opening act for huge artists such as 50 Cent and Fat Joe. What did you learn from those experiences that you’re able to use now as an independent musician?

I learned that as an independent artist you have to work twice as hard for people to even listen. I’ve learned to embrace that though.

After watching your Kickstarter video, it’s clear that you have a very touching story behind your campaign. Tell our readers more about your recent health situation. What’s the update and how are you feeling?

During a recent show I almost passed out. After several trips back and forth to the hospital, I was diagnosed with Myocarditis which is a heart condition. I’m doing much better but still learning to find new balance in life. It’s been interesting.

You have said that if you’re not able to reach your goal on Kickstarter that you may not be able to continue pursuing your dream of making music. So, what would you want to say to anybody thinking of contributing to your project and to those that already have?

First I’d like to say thank you! This entire experience has taught me that my life and contribution to the world is so much bigger than me. Music is my gift to share, so by contributing, you too are apart of that. My goal is to make beautiful music that makes people feel…that inspires them. Every single contributor is part of that.

Of all the different sites now available, how did you decide to use Kickstarter for your fan-sourcing on this project?

I’ve seen it used successfully in the past. It was the first fan-sourcing site I’d heard of.

What are the plans to record this album? When? Where? etc.

Because I’ll be working with a very limited budget, I’ll have to continue to record most of my vocals on my laptop. I’ll probably spend majority of the budget in mixing, mastering and promotion. I met a talented group of musicians in Atlanta, so I’m thinking I’ll go there to get most of the music done.

Finally, what does being an independent musician mean to you?

It means being a creative entrepreneur. The music industry is a dying business so working independently means that I have to be more creative in finding ways to get projects done and out to fans. It also means I have to be creative in finding funding and revenue streams. I’m up for the challenge though.

To contribute to this Kickstarter campaign, click HERE!

Artist Name: Jade Alston
Location: Philadelphia, PA
Genre: R&B, urban
Band Members: Jade Alston