Nehedar – This Heart

Nehedar – This Heart

Music is an escape for many people. It’s a way to forget the day to day struggles and stress that life brings our way. Sometimes it takes us away from life decisions we’re trying to avoid. Nehedar’s music will most likely force you to face those harsh realities head on. Full of blunt honesty and plenty of dark themes, there is no cookie cutter happy endings here.

Nehedar is the project of singer/songwriter, Emilia Cataldo, who recently released her sixth independently produced album, This Heart. Growing up, Cataldo was exposed to various cultural and musical influences, which shine through on every track on this album. At first listen, Cataldo’s voice will immediately remind you of a young Joni Mitchell and her songwriting has a similar resemblance to the great female voices that were predominate in the 70’s.

“Bells of the City” is the first track off of This Heart, and it sets the tone with a haunting and somber ambience that will resonate through the rest of this album. Sounds of echoes and the keys assist Cataldo’s message about a life of fear and having to make a much needed choice. “Take This World” begins with spooky strings, but then quickly turns into an upbeat, worldly sound with blunt lyrics like “everyone you ever loved is gonna die.” “Weight of Your Bones” has an infectious beat and is all about being afraid to let go and feel anything.

Just when you begin to believe these songs will all sound similar, Cataldo shocks you with “What’s Becoming.” This song takes on more of an electronica or pop, dance feel and has you imagining a DJ spinning behind her on stage. With a bit of an 80’s influence, she continues the dark theme with a song about being trapped in an unhealthy relationship. It’s as if she doesn’t recognize herself anymore. If you dig this song, you’ll also enjoy “Self Fulfilling Prophecy” which is heavy with bass drops and an urban sound, and big surprise, it displays some depressing lyrics like “there is no point going on, all of the good times are gone.”

“Something To Call Mine” is a beautiful, and simplistic track that has an acoustic guitar setting the mood with a strings section joining in halfway through the song. While this isn’t the happiest of songs, Cataldo chooses to tell a story of heartbreak in a sensitive way that shows her vulnerable side. “Something To Call Mine” is a song that shines through the darkness of This Heart.

Nehedar’s This Heart speaks the truth when others may stray away from such harsh realities we tend to try and escape from. Cataldo demands that you take on these issues head on. While the lyrics come off as dark and sad, she is only being honest. Honesty is probably something everyone needs in a world where people are afraid to speak what’s on their mind in fear of hurting someone in the process. If you feel as though you’re constantly running away from reality, maybe This Heart is what you need in order to finally buckle down and face your demons.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars



Album Name: This Heart
Release Date: June, 2013
Genre: indie, folk, pop
Location: New York City, NY
Members: Emilia Cataldo