Typhoid Rosie – The Music Album

Typhoid Rosie – The Music Album

Seeing as how Rosie Rebel of Typhoid Rosie spent 10 years as a comedian, the title of the band’s first album is more than symbolic. Rebel had considerable success with spots on NBC’s “Last Comic Standing” and in comedy festivals all over the world. She was a YouTube sensation when she created a series of “Bra-sterpieces” that even caught the eye of supermodel Heidi Klum.

But this is The Music Album, and that is where we find Rosie now. Along with Dean & Phil Wartell and Patrick Meyer, Rebel has created an album that spans a tremendous amount of space. In regards to style, each song tries to capture a different idea, making the band as a whole difficult to pigeonhole into a box.

What is absolutely clear, is that regardless of style, the band can play and is extremely tight throughout. Whether it is the old school soul tune “Shine” or the classic punk “The Citadel,” the band is up to the task and is worth listening to on that alone.

This band is driven by the powerhouse that is Rosie Rebel though. Vocally, she comes across as a mix of Debbie Harry and Shirley Manson. There is a velvety quality to her voice that is apparent throughout. Her lyrics are much like the range of styles this album covers. She tackles issues that are important to her. “We Killed Flipper” was written about the dolphin trade after watching the documentary The Cove, and “El Toro” after experiencing a bullfight in Spain. “Heartbeat of the World” is a track mourning what is happening to the world we live in environmentally.

However, you can take the girl away from comedy, but not the comedy out of the girl. “You Are Not The Father” musically sounds like a pop/new wave tune from the early days of MTV. It’s great to listen to. The track is all about a Maury Povich episode filled with that oh-so dramatic paternity test.

“Stripper Graveyard” is another one of those tunes that will definitely get a chuckle. Packaged as a heartbraking country tune, it all fits together very well. Rebel is, after all, a comedian. She and the band bring the whole thing together in the live show. “Being an old washed up comedian ends up really working for our band, because we don’t just sit there like sad looking hipsters who don’t move. We break out a grandma wig when we do secret pocket, and tell jokes between songs. It’s fun for the audience, and for us!”

Some of the real highlights of this album are in the opening track “Can’t Change the Tides,” the soulful “Shine” and the closer “Secret Pocket,” which actually features Patrick Meyer on vocals. While the rest of the album certainly has some great moments, it is these three tracks that show the growth potential of Rebel both as a vocalist and songwriter, and for the band as a whole.

While the comedic tracks have their place, it may be best to either do future releases as an A-Side/B-Side or do separate releases. There is nothing necessarily wrong with them, but it will take away from the band over time. Keep an eye on this band. Future releases are bound to provide some tasty audio nuggets for you to enjoy over and over.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars



Album Name: The Music Album
Date Released: January, 2013
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Genre: Rock
Band Members: Rosie Rebel, Patrick Meyer, Dean Wartell, Phil Wartell, Nate Clark (album)
Website: http://www.typhoidrosie.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/typhoidrosieband
Twitter: https://twitter.com/typhoidrosie