Fluid – Total Eclipse of The Son

Fluid – Total Eclipse of The Son

Metal bands and metal fans all have one thing in common. They are the most dedicated of any genre. Most of them won’t even give another style a try, unless the metal community is attacked. They stand up for each other like a brotherhood of Hells Angels. You ask one metal head the first time they heard their favorite band, and they can give you a very descriptive story describing every minute detail of every note played and how they felt at that moment. This is going to be one of those moments for a fan somewhere.

Fluid is a band that is exactly that, fluid. They were a band that was, then wasn’t, and now are ready to lay down their mark on the metal scene in a very unique way. They are releasing their new album, that some of them began creating back in 1999. Total Eclipse of the Son is an album that has been in the making for many many years. Finally seeing the light of day in 2013, the album shows heart, passion, and most importantly…blood, sweat, and tears.

With songs like “The End is Coming,” “Sondown” and “Manic,” Fluid showcases some amazing songwriting along with great musicianship. I would think that being it’s been in the making for so long, that most of the songs would sound dated, but it doesn’t. Every song on the album sounds as modern as any song out there today.

“Whose Side Are You On?” is one of those songs that could easily be played on today’s modern metal radio stations. Not to mention the special guest appearance by Helmet front man Page Hamilton. That just adds to the awesomeness of the song. But honestly, even if it didn’t have a piece of Helmet in it, it would still be great song.

Metal isn’t for everyone, but for those who listen to it will appreciate what Fluid is trying to achieve. If you’re a fan of Tool or A Perfect Circle, you will absolutely love them. The musicianship alone throughout the album will catch anyone’s attention. The emotional vocals, the rhythmic backbone that today’s mainstreamers couldn’t even come close to in intensity, Fluid will grab your attention. Whether they keep it is up to you.


WORDKRAPHT Rating: 4 Stars



Album Name: Total Eclipse of the Son
Release Date: April, 2013
Location: Medford, Oregon
Genre: Metal, Rock, Progressive
Members: Justyn Scott Reese- Vocals/Keyboard/Guitar, Ryan Cox- Guitar, William Kell- Bass, Rich Psonak- Drums
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/fluidlives
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Fluidlives