The Daily Krapht – The Oxford Coma – “Seven”

The Daily Krapht – The Oxford Coma – “Seven”

The Oxford Coma, Phoenix, Arizona born and bred, are today’s featured Daily Kraphters.

“Stuff Tool, The Mars Volta, Primus, Nirvana, SOAD, APC, Muse, old Incubus, and Deftones in a blender and you have a rough idea where we’re coming from.”

I can’t stand when bands compare themselves to bands that I like, and when I listen they sound nothing like them (or sometimes what they are creating doesn’t even sound like music). So I was extremely pleased, and relieved to find The Oxford Coma holds up to their description.

Their first official video for their song “Seven”, released last May, is just a glimpse of who this trio is and what they are all about. Incorporating projection art, body paint (not to mention the creepy masks) sets the tone for the video. The band is no fuss no frills, just straight up Progressive psych-grunge goodness.

If you are looking for music with a little more bite to it, check out The Oxford Coma. If you happen to like their sound and are feeling particularly generous, take a second to vote for them as they are competing in a battle of the bands to play at Arizona’s Warped tour on the Phoenix Stage (That information can be found on their Facebook Page).

*Video Directed by Aiden Chapparoni

Artist Name: The Oxford Coma
Location: Phoenix, AZ
Genre: Alternative, Rock, Grunge
Band Members: James Williams-Bass/vox, Anthony Chamberlain- drums, Billy Tegethoff- Guitar/vox