The Legendary Goodtimes – Self-Titled

The Legendary Goodtimes – Self-Titled

I first reviewed these guys way back in the beginning of WORDKRAPHT when they released their EP The Restless. They were also known as In Between. These days they are known as The Legendary Goodtimes and they will be releasing their new full length album this March. So, pull them seat belts tight, secure your whiskey, and get ready to be taken on a journey that is neither here or there, but somewhere in between the chaotic, and the genius. I now introduce you to the artist formerly known as The In Between, Ladies and gentlemen; I give you The Legendary Goodtimes!

“Die A Happy Man” starts off the album with its mysterious yet classic signature sound that makes The Legendary Goodtimes who they are. This slow ride of a song sets the pace for the album with amazing guitar tones and Zeppelin-like rhythms and prominent bass lines. “Your Momma Don’t Like Me” continues the album showcasing some great bass playing. These guys have a great sense of musicianship and songwriting giving each song just enough of what it needs without going too far.

Being a guitar player, “Wicked Way” is a song that I can completely appreciate. The slide guitar work within this song is simply amazing. This is by far, my favorite song on the album. This song is like a battle between Buddy Guy, Bonnie Raitt, and Stevie Ray Vaughn with its bluesy slides throughout the song.

The album continues on with its bluesy southern style with the modern touches with songs like “Back at the Start,” “Diggin’ a Hole,” and “Tipped Over My Jug.” The Legendary Goodtimes have once again delivered their intoxicating style of southern blues with a northern twist of tunes that will ultimately take you on a journey that will probably leave you with a hangover that you’ll want to keep having.

Just as I said in my first review of this band, as you listen to this band you will also “partake in an underground movement that has been gnawing at the scene just waiting to break on through to the other side.” The Legendary Goodtimes have recreated a familiar sound, added a dash of Oregon, and created a sound, that is all their own. Fans of the 70’s, fans of Jack White, fans of blues, fans of music will all enjoy the sounds this trio sends to you.

WORDKRAPHT Rating: 5 Stars



Album Name: The Legendary Goodtimes
Release Date: March, 2013
Genre(s): Rock, Soul, Southern Rock
Location: Medford, OR
Band Members: Matty J (vox/gtr) David Moore (bass) Mark J. Anderson (drums)

Video by Mandy Valencia for Daily Tidings