Sean Magwire – Among The Burning Stars

Sean Magwire – Among The Burning Stars

Recording an album after only six months can be somewhat of a tumultuous experience. If not done correctly, the finished product can leave listeners feeling a little bit incomplete. Sean Magwire, fortunately has succeeded in the exact opposite. Among the Burning Stars was recorded in a six month time span, and throughout the transition and turmoil he faced, he has created a brilliant piece of work. Each song is an eye opener, inspiring and honest. This is not just another acoustic album that adds to the white noise of countless acoustic albums that seem to be forgotten due to the lack of originality. This is his story, his experiences, and we are glad he is sharing them with us.

If the album could be summed up in one word, that word would have to be “clarity.” Magwire seemed to achieve some throughout the recording (we hope) and while listening, you will get that sense of clarity; be it in your own life or you’re just feeling what Magwire is expressing.  As you listen to these songs, and especially if you’re driving you will get chills down your spine, goose bumps on your arm, that warm fuzzy feeling in the pit of your stomach. You get the point. Beautiful piano playing along with acoustic guitar strumming a picking, cello and percussion seem to be such a wonderful backdrop for Magwire’s honest lyrics to take flight.

“Everybody loves a liar, tells you what you want to hear
whispers with a voice so sweetly in your ear.”
(Lyric taken from the song “Shoulders”)

Magwire sings of human emotions we all experience and somehow makes it magical. There’s a certain innocence and charm in his voice that is hard to resist. This album will tug at your heartstrings and stir up emotions even the most stoic person locked away. “To The Plains”, “Golden States & Restless Ways” and “Simple Love” are all highlights of the album, but it’s recommended to listen to the album all in one sitting many times.

Wordkrapht Rating: 5 Stars



Album Name: Among the Burning Stars
Date Released: May, 2012
Genre(s): Singer/Songwriter
Location: Chicago, IL
Band Members: Sean Magwire – Lead Vocals, Acoustic Guitar
Featuring: Laurel Humiston – Cello, Michael Gilbertson – Piano/ Background Vocals, Freddie Weinstein – Percussion,
Matt Qualkenbush – Guitars, Beth True – Background Vocals