In Between – The Restless

In Between – The Restless

If you were to take Southern Rock, Soul, and blues and throw it in a mixer with a little bit of 50’s and 60’ rock and a whole lot of whiskey, you will be able to create a cocktail that goes by the name In Between. As you sit back indulging in this tasty joy of ear intoxication, you will not only enjoy some great music, but partake in an underground movement that has been gnawing at the scene just waiting to break on through to the other side. In Between introduces us to this chaos with a four song EP entitled The Restless.

The album starts off with the upbeat “When She Runs Away,” that is reminiscent of the band Rev. Horton Heat with its rockabilly undertones and galloping rhythms. About midway through the song, it takes a Clapton-like turn before turning back into the rockabilly roots showing the diversity of the In Between. “Note to The Bartender” is the next song on the album displaying its southern rock roots with classic southern riffs and drowning your whiskey sorrows.

“Restless Soul” is the third track that shows off the southern blues side of the band. This song sticks out the most as it has all the classic sounds that could have easily been put out in the seventies successfully and heard on classic rock stations on a regular basis today. “Come Midnight” closes the album with a mix of all of the above ending an album that is full of style and diversity bound to please the masses.

This three piece band from Medford, OR has laid down the foundation to their upcoming full length album with the release of The Restless. The band shows great song structures and plenty of diversity within each song on the album. The band has definitely carved out a sound that blends some of their rock and roll roots and branded it with today’s edge, giving them a sound that is all their own. When they add their touch to a classic sound, they give everyone something magical that will be watched with great anticipation of their full length album.

Wordkrapht Rating: 4 Stars



Album Name: Restless
Release Date: May, 2012
Genre(s): Rock, Soul, Southern Rock
Location: Medford, OR
Band Members: Matty J (vox/gtr) David Moore (bass) Mark J. Anderson (drums)