Tigerweather – Lani

Tigerweather – Lani

Life always has it’s ups and downs and sometimes it feels like we go through more downs than ups, but no matter what, you can always find music to lift your spirit. That’s exactly what the band Tigerweather achieves with their music. They claim the message of their music is love, and you can tell when listening to their latest album release, Lani. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that they are from the town that is home to the happiest place on Earth.

The four musicians who make up this Orlando-based group, came together with the intention of creating uplifting music that was fun for their fans to listen to, and that’s exactly what they deliver on Lani. With the combination of lyrics and music together, you can feel the positivity and love conveyed through each track on Tigerweather’s third album since the band joined in 2010.

Lead singer, Ryan Simpson’s vocals are pitch perfect. Most people may struggle to hit the high notes he displays on most of the tracks, but he is able to successfully perform them with ease. Simpson also adds other musical talents by playing the ukulele on most of the songs on Lani, which is one of the sounds that defines Tigerweather’s music.

It’s hard to pick highlights on the album because each song is enjoyable to listen to. The electric and bass guitars shine through on songs like “Keep Me True” and “Wasted On You.” “Keep Me True” has a noteworthy guitar solo in the middle of the song that almost resembles the talents of Carlos Santana. The strings bring a more serious tone to “Wasted On You,” which is about being in love with someone who may not feel the same way. “Sunshine” is another song that you won’t be able to get out of your head. This track is all about loving life and you’ll be sure to add it to a summer playlist. When you hear this track you’ll picture yourself listening while driving on a warm summer day with the windows down. It’s a guaranteed pick-me-up song that will put you in a good mood.

Tigerweather has created an album that is full of fun, positive vibes and perfectly displays the musical talent of Simpson, Andrew Brooks, Shawn Milton, and Joshua Allen. This group of musicians are all about love and they love what they’re doing. Not only are they worth supporting because of their music, but they are also worth supporting because of the non-profit work they do. A percentage of all their record sales help build orphanages, schools, and feed and provide clean water to people in need all around the world. Buying their music will not only help Tigerweather continue to pursue their dream, but your money will also go to a good cause.

Wordkrapht Rating: 5 Stars



Album Name: Lani
Release Date: November, 2012
Genre(s): indie, pop
Location: Orlando, FL
Members: Ryan Simpson (lead vocals, ukulele, guitar), Andrew Brooks (bass, vocals), Shawn Milton (lead guitar), and Joshua Allen (drums, percussion)
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TigerweatherBand
Twitter: https://twitter.com/tigerweather
ReverbNation: http://www.reverbnation.com/Tigerweather