Vinyl Floor – Peninsula

Vinyl Floor – Peninsula

Back in February of this year, Vinyl Floor released a concept album onto the world exploring the fine line between love and happiness and the polar opposites of depression and sorrow. The battle of Utopia and Dystopia reigns within everyone, as we all seem to unintentionally come to wits with these at some point in their lives. The twelve song album entitled Peninsula brilliantly relishes in the concept of happiness and sorrow in a way that is relatable and retainable. The first part of the album is the Utopia; the second half is the Dystopia.

The Utopia side of the album is a mellow and relaxing look into the love and happiness side of life. Filled with a string quartet, beautiful melodies, and insightful lyrics with songs like “Frames and Orchids”, “Written in the Cards”, and “Car in the Sky”. Each of these songs is very upbeat and filled with a melancholy that seems to lift the spirits and even warm the soul. The song that stands out the most would be “Ghost of England” with its Beatles-like song structures and a slight British accent is heard in its chorus.

The second part of this concept album is slightly darker than the first half exploring the dark side of humanity for which we find Dystopia. The songs “Force You Through”, “Dumbfounded”, and “King of Dystopia” all showcase this dark side of humanity in a playful and dark way. These songs are more guitar and vocal driven than those of the Utopia side of things. Many questions are asked and explored within creating a very interesting second half.

The song “Baton Rouge” is one that really stands out. It’s a soft and beautiful song filled with mellow guitars and even a steel guitar that tells a story on its own. It creates an even a border between two completely different songs and really displays the diversity that the Vinyl Floor are capable of.

Daniel, Charlie, and Rasmus have explored and created a beautiful concept album that displays great musicianship and diversity. It’s not very often that you can cover the subjects of happiness and sorrow, depression and love all within one album and do it in a way that everyone can relate to. Let’s face it, at some point in everyone’s life, we all feel one of these at any given time. Whether you like the Beatles or Coldplay, this is an album that has something for everybody.

Wordkrapht Rating: 4 Stars



Album Name: Peninsula
Date Released: February, 2012
Genre: Rock/Alternative/Pop
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
Band Members: Thomas “Charlie” Pedersen, Rasmus Bruun, Daniel Pedersen
Record Label: Karmanian Records/Divine Records