Artwork by Lauren Goans

The Fair and The Foul – Self Titled Album

Artwork by Lauren Goans

Some albums feel so personal, that when you listen it almost feels as if you are invading that artist’s privacy. Almost like reading a diary entry, the songs come straight from their heart and memories; and it can’t help but to stir up past experiences in each person the music touches. With the band, The Fair and The Foul, and their debut self-titled album, this is no exception. Together since 2010, this quartet is a folk/rock band out of North Carolina. Jacqui Haggerty, Joseph Dickey, Chris Gelb, and Edd Kerr are the members that create the music you will read about in this review.   Beautifully constructed folk/rock songs that feature lead vocalist and songwriter  Haggerty’s soulful and at times innocent vocals create the perfect setting for digging up memories or creating your own new ones.

Released in August of 2012, and produced by Daniel Levi Goans (A Wordkrapht favorite and previously reviewed artist) The Fair and The Foul features ten songs that are bound to resonate with everyone.  The album begins with “I Was Wrong.”  A slow and steady buildup, Haggerty’s controlled, soft vocals stay steady until she releases all her emotions as she sings about being wrong and apologizing to her “darling.” ”Bottle” is another memorable track on the album. The first thing that stands out is the bass (upright bass to be exact, played by Joseph Dickey) which adds such a dramatic and striking element that is the perfect counterpart to Haggerty’s vocals. Their partnership combined with electric and acoustic guitar really gives each song depth, and a little edge.

Continuing on course fueled with passion, and emotion is the track “Oh Me,” which showcases Haggerty’s passionate vocals and her ability to convey to the listener exactly what is in her heart. The album gives you a lighter, happier vibe with the song, “Take My Hand.” The most upbeat on the album, it delivers feelings of hope, promise and the thoughts of love.

Photo by Kimber Lynn Photography

The Fair and The Foul aren’t afraid of letting a song build up slowly, or giving the listener some quality time with thoughtful yet powerful interludes. They carefully crafted each song, and the care and love they put into each really shines through. With most of the members being students of music (studying Jazz) their proficiency is evident.  If you call yourself a fan of all things folk/rock you owe it to yourself to give The Fair and The Foul a listen.

Wordkrapht Rating: 5 Stars



Album Name:  The Fair and The Foul
Release Date: August, 2012
Genre: Folk/Rock
Location: North Carolina
Members: Jacqui Haggerty, Joseph Dickey, Chris Gelb, Edd Kerr