Ideal ZerO – Ideal ZerO

Ideal ZerO – Ideal ZerO

Musicians will seemingly spend 90% of their musical lives searching for a group of equally passionate musicians that will take them to the next level and rise above and beyond. In this journey of finding that one special family they will temporarily be adopted into other families in hopes of finding that one. It’s a pain staking process but one of necessity for it is a journey they must all take on their own. Once they do find that family that pushes their abilities beyond its limits, magic happens and the music they create together is nothing short of spectacular.

Vocalist Irina, Guitarist and Keyboardist Clint, Bassist Richard and drummer Charles have found a family within each other. Together they’ve created a collection of songs that are heavy hitting, catchy and empowering. The guitars are solid and heavy, The keyboard adds the extra layers that bring that extra punch and the solid rhythms of the bass and drums give each song exactly what they deserve. Add Irina’s positive messages and beautiful and memorable melodies and you get what they call Ideal ZerO.

Their new EP starts off with the song ‘Free Again’ which starts out like a cat sneaking up on it’s prey and strikes into an amazing soundscape of melody and almost haunting riffs. The rhythm section will get everyone moving as Irina states “My Thoughts Won’t Be Tied Down”, That alone is a very powerful statement.

Throughout the five song EP, Ideal ZerO showcases everyone’s musicianship with great passion with incredible detail to each second of every song. In the song ‘Surrender’ there are so many layers to this song that gives it such a unique sound. Their use of the keyboards throughout the song gives it a sound that can not be easily described. It’s one of those songs you can listen to over and over again and hear something different each time.

‘Perfect Prey’ and ‘I Will Rise’ are both equally amazing songs that are filled with passion and diversity. Ideal Zero have definitely mastered the art of song structure and song diversity. The album ends with “Beneath The Sun” which leaves you wanting more!

If you enjoy rock music with a modern edge Ideal Zero is definitely worth checking out. Their songs are powerful and uplifting and diverse enough to keep you guessing as to which direction they are going to take you. But you can guarantee, they will not lead you to disappointment, they will take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Wordkrapht Rating: 4 Stars


Album Name: Ideal Zero
Date Released: April, 2012
Location: Orlando, FL
Genre: Alternative, Heavy Rock
Band Members: Irina, Clint, Richard, Charles