Under Everyone – Tropical Timez

Under Everyone – Tropical Timez

“I make songs that display emotions and tell tales in my head. I do what I want in this life.” This quote can be found on Under Everyone’s Facebook biography. From one listen to his music this quote embodies his music, his album and his philosophy as an artist.

Under Everyone (UE) will remind listeners of Jason Mraz from beginning to end. Oddly enough he just finished a world tour with Mraz and Christina Perry called Tour is a Four Letter Word. He stood on the street outside of the Susquehanna Bank Center in Camden, NJ (and probably every other venue) and promoted his album. He played his album for fans with his CD player and gave them out for a donation. He had such a personal way to get his music out to people, instead of through Facebook or Twitter.

Tropical Timez opens with “Rich Girls,” which features Steve Frank also known as Under Everyone, singing really fast and it sounds as if he’s rapping throughout the song while playing an acoustic guitar. The entire song is fast, catchy and fans will love him. It’ll be fun to see if you can sing it that fast. It won’t be easy.

And even when the seasons fade
well that won’t change this love it can’t just drift away
from sea to sea inevitably our hearts will collide,
All in time.

The above lyrics are sung halfway through “Mine in Time.” In this song, UE sings about being smitten with a girl and how everything will happen in time. Most female listeners will want to be the love interest in the song. The lyrics are so meaningful and you can understand them, because each song features UE’s beautiful voice and him strumming his guitar.

“Sky Life” begins playing with something that sounds like bells. The song is simply adorable and happy. He sings about the sun being only there for “you and me,”  about how their love will never die and how the sun could be full of such wonderful things. You can’t help but smile as this song is playing, because any woman would love for UE to serenade them with this song. Afterwards he sings in “Best Friends” about how he’ll be with you until the end.

Tropical Timez was totally worth the money, and on top of the album being full of great music, each album cover is a piece of paper with a hand drawn sketch of a guitar and tropical island scene. It’s as if each album was individually drawn for each fan which is just as personal as his music.

Wordkrapht Rating:

4 Stars


Album Name: Tropical Timez
Release Date: 2012
Genre(s): Acoustic/ Pop
Location: Shelby Twp, Michigan
Band Members: Steve Frank
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/undereveryone
Twitter: http://twitter.com/undereveryone